Nowadays, the vast majority of people spend hours and hours using the keyboard, whether for work, study or play. This makes this peripheral one of the most important when using a computer, so it is not surprising that there are several models available on the market.

Each of the keyboards currently available responds to certain needs and personal tastes. Not all models adapt to different uses, which makes it necessary to choose which peripheral best suits our needs.

In today's guide, we will present the purchasing criteria that you should take into account before making the final purchase and we will analyze some important characteristics that you should know. Once our guide is finished, we are sure that you will be ready to buy the dream keyboard from the best brand (Logitech, Trust, HP etc.)

What you should consider before purchasing computer keyboards

As we have mentioned, today on the market you can find a wide variety of keyboards, more or less large, of greater or lesser quality, more or less economical: whatever your need, the vast range of models available will satisfy it.

That is why, before moving forward with the definitive purchase of the keyboard, it is necessary to analyze some purchasing criteria that will help you find the peripheral that you need to work or study. Below, we'll introduce you to some of these key factors so you can find the right option.

Mechanism type

We will begin the guide by mentioning as the first purchase criterion the different types of mechanisms that diversify keyboards: mechanical and membrane.

Mechanical keyboards have a longer keystroke range and a much more pronounced sound. This makes them ideal for those who spend many hours playing video games or face long writing sessions. Their main advantage is that they offer greater precision thanks to the feedback that the user receives, since at all times it will be known whether a key has been pressed or not. They also allow the pressing of several keys at the same time.

The second type of keyboard is the membrane model, designed especially for quiet environments. They generally have a more affordable price, are less heavy , and do not require much effort when pressing the keys. Its use is recommended in shared offices, but it is not recommended for intensive use.

Connections: wireless or wired keyboard

Connections are another important purchasing criterion that you should take into account. We are referring to the fact that there are wireless keyboards ( wireless bluetooth keyboard) and wired keyboards . Which of the two models to buy will depend on personal needs, although many experts recommend using the corded model.

This recommendation is made because wired keyboards offer greater precision as there is no interference or false keystrokes, in addition to allowing several keys to be pressed at the same time. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is the most used peripheral by professional gamers. Even so, it is important to note that to use this type of gaming or work keyboard, you must have a desk free of cables for greater comfort.

If you have little available space, you do not want to have cables in the way or your CPU is far away, the most appropriate decision will be the wireless keyboard with USB receiver. This wireless model connects via Bluetooth or other similar wireless technology , so it requires a battery to ensure its operation.


Furthermore, before proceeding with the final purchase, you must consider the keyboard layout, which can be ISO or ANSI.

The keyboard with an ISO layout is the most widespread in different European countries, such as Spain (model with Spanish qwerty layout ). In this model, the Enter key has the shape of a rotated L, and two additional keys are integrated between the letter Z and Shift, and another after the L. If you want to buy a keyboard with ISO layout, you should verify that its initials are indicated by the manufacturer before purchasing it.

On the other hand, the ANSI distribution is the most widespread worldwide, so it is easier to find. Unlike the ISO model, in the ANSI distribution, the Enter key is horizontal and also has an image key above the Enter. Additionally, the additional soft keys present on the ISO model are excluded.


We cannot forget that the keyboard will be one of the peripherals that we touch the most with our hands, so wear and tear will be observed over time. You only have to look at the keyboard to notice that some keys are more worn and used than others.

The aforementioned will not be a problem if you are going to use this peripheral occasionally. However, if the backlit keyboard is going to be used very frequently, whether for study or work reasons, it is recommended to buy a model with a first-class finish so that its wear is slower.


On the other hand, we cannot fail to point out that there are different keyboard sizes, which can be grouped into:

  • Compact (40%, 60%, 75%)
  • Tenkeyless (80%)
  • Full size

Although there are different versions within the group of compact keyboards, what differentiates them from the full model has to do with the fact that the keys are quite close together to take advantage of the available space. The 75% keyboards are quite similar to those built into laptops, while the 60% model does not have the keys present to the right of the Enter key, such as PagDown or PagUp. On the other hand, the compact 40% keyboard does not include the row of numeric keys, presenting only letters and modifiers.

On the other hand, tenkeyless keyboards are characterized by not having the numeric pad , but they do have all 88 keys incorporated, while the full-size or full-size keyboard has 105 keys.


Finally, the last purchase criterion that we want to present to you has to do with the ergonomics of the keyboard. This is very important, especially if you are going to spend many hours in front of a keyboard, since it will influence your posture and joint care.

Experts recommend that ergonomic keyboards should not be too compact and should have a specific ergonomic design that divides them in half so that there is a more natural posture between the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.

Why should you choose a good computer keyboard?

To conclude today's article, we want to tell you why it is important to carefully analyze which keyboard to buy.

Currently, the keyboard is the most used peripheral by both workers and students and even by professional gamers. Although many do not carefully analyze what type of peripheral to buy, it is worth noting that this is a very important decision for two reasons.

  1. Buying a good USB or cable keyboard is essential to avoid and prevent what is known as carpal tunnel syndrome . It is a very common occupational disease among those who work in offices and programmers, where they are subjected to excessive pressure on the nerves, causing pain.
  2. Another good reason why it is essential to buy a good keyboard has to do with the fact that it influences productivity . By purchasing a quality peripheral, you can work faster and be more productive, avoiding discomfort over time.