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Tags Telephone Wipes Pack of 50 Durable Screenclean Wipe 2Work Anti-Static Screen Phone Wipes 2WORK ANTISTATIC SCREEN
Brand 2WORK
2WORK is a brand that produces high-quality office supplies and accessories. The brand is known for its innovative and stylish designs, as well as its high-quality materials.
EAN 5028356508051
Model 2WORK DB50342
ID 10066669
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.38 kg
Dimensions 10x7x15 mm
Key Features
Availability instock
Colour White
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Multipurpose, quality cleaning wipes For use on a range of office equipment Easy way to improve cleanliness in the workplace Kills germs to prevent the spreading of illness Alcohol free disinfectant
Cleaning wipes for phone equipment Remove dirt and grime Built-in antimicrobial formula: 99.9% effective against germs Kills common cold, E. coli, salmonella and more Individually wrapped in sachets
Ideal for use after handling toner or ribbons Alcohol free Suitable for all skin types including sensitive Hygienic tub dispenser Pack of 100 wipes
Effectively kills bacteria on the skin - Quick drying No need to rinse - Pump dispenser Bottle. - Ideal for regular use in the food and the - 500 ml per bottle
Absorbent dry wipes for use with 2Work cleaning fluids and foams Gets the best results from your cleaning products Designed not to leave streaks or marks Absorbent for extra use Lint free for use on sensitive laptop/monitor scre
High quality wipe for various screens Can be used on glass surfaces on copiers and scanners Designed not to leave streaks or marks Alcohol free and non toxic Pack of 100
Alcohol free screen cleaning fluid - Designed not to leave streaks or marks - Cuts through grease with ease - Perfect for use on sensitive laptop/monitor screens - 250ml bottle
Air duster for easy cleaning of keyboards and printers - Perfect for use on sensitive equipment, such as cameras - Clears dirt and dust with ease - Includes plastic nozzle for precision use - Great for use on hard to reach areas of machines