A Month in the Country

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23-09-2022 10:30

While the acting, sets, and other aspects of this film were excellent, it was a disappointment due to its slow story. Additionally, there was a significant amount of indistinct speech and poorly chosen background sound effects that were too loud. The lack of subtitles also detracted from the overall experience. Despite these flaws, I still enjoyed the film but felt it had the potential to be much better.

Erin Luna
03-01-2023 04:47

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, which showcases the early talents of Kenneth Branagh and Colin Firth. Their skills really shine through in their performances. The pacing of the entire story is beautifully done, and there are some outstanding supporting actors as well. I found myself trying to identify the church (or churches) featured in the film, including one in Sussex and at least one in Yorkshire. The most moving parts of the film for me were when Firth's character goes through a healing process, both through the restoration of a painting and with the support of the kind-hearted Yorkshire locals. Additionally, there is a poignant portrayal of wasted lives continuing after war, particularly seen in the vicar's wife who is trapped in an unhappy marriage.

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EAN 5035673012529
ID 1943504
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 1x7x5 mm
Key Features
Actors Colin Firth|Kenneth Branagh|Natasha Richardson|Patrick Malahide|Tony Haygarth
Directors Pat OConnor
Duration 95 mins
Number of discs 2
Release date 2016-06-20
Run time 95 minutes
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