ALM SL324 BiComponent Line 80m x 2.4mm

manufactured to the highest possible specifications for ultimate performance and longevity.'Bi-Component' Square profile trimmer line is a co-extruded nylon line offering the ultimate trimmer line

ALM SL324 BiComponent Line 80m x 2.4mm (Image 1)
ALM SL324 BiComponent Line 80m x 2.4mm (Main image)
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Sponsored ALM Manufacturing SL324 Bi-Component Line 80m x 2.4mm

Price updated on: 26-01-2024 14:16:23
14.96 GBP
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Sponsored ALM Universal Bi-Component Square Trimmer Line 80m x 2.4mm

Price updated on: 18-02-2024 19:35:23
15.98 GBP
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Product specifications

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Colors White (1.000)
Orange (0.139)
Green (0.084)
Tags Trimmer Line Outer cutting ALM Bi-Component Performance and longevity Bi-Component Line
Brand ALM Manufacturing
EAN 5016531432406
Model ALM Manufacturing SL324
MPN ALM Manufacturing SL324
ID 10562025
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 8x2x8 mm
Key Features
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Spool and line for Flymo machines. - Compares to: FLY031, 5131060-90/6 and 5131106090. - Supplied with 1.5mm x 10m trimmer line.
ALM Manufacturing (5016531311909 / RY119) - Weight: 0.0500
WX150 Spool & Line Qualcast 1.5mm x 2.5m Alm Manufacturing Accessories For: Qualcast: CGT36LA1, CG18LA1, Mac Allister: MGTP 18 Li, Wor X: WG150, WG151Compares to: WBZ01101002A00Manufactured in the UK.
The Package Height of the Product is 3.0 centimeters - The Package Length of the Product is 18.5 centimeters - The Package Width of the Product is 12.0 centimeters - Manufactured in the UK