Antiquax ANTQLCR200 200 ml Leather Cream, Transparent (Image 1)
Antiquax ANTQLCR200 200 ml Leather Cream, Transparent (Main image)

Antiquax ANTQLCR200 200 ml Leather Cream, Transparent

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03-06-2022 11:56

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Tags Antiquax Leather Cream Antiquax Leather Cream 200ml Waxes to Protect Ml Leather Cream Antiquax ANTQLCR200
Brand Antiquax
EAN 5011807012320
MPN Antiquax ANTQLCR200
ID 25524323
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.44 kg
Key Features
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8.97 GBP
Acid free Removes tarnish Restores original shine Suitable for Copper
12.48 GBP
Based on pure natural beeswax - Use on previously sealed surfaces - Clean, polish and protect wooden furniture - Package weight: 0.97 pounds
12.99 GBP
Leaves an immaculate non-oily waterproof finish - Used on all unsealed oil finished furniture - Shake thoroughly before use - Carefully formulated oil - Dry fast
7.90 GBP
Wax free aerosol - Perfect for modern lacquered furniture - Fast spray - Spray on - wipe off polish - Shake well before use
6.28 GBP
Creamy blend - Natural waxes - Cleans, feeds and polishes all woods - Shake well before use - Use a soft dry clean cloth
629.00 GBP
A blend of traditional waxes - Designed to clean and prolong look of leather - Shake thoroughly before use - Work into the surface developing a weak lather - .Remove access and allow to dry.
729.00 GBP
Unique blend wax 250 ml silicone-free for antiques and fine furniture. Nourishes wood and is ideal for surfaces in natural wood. - Royal Mail of Le) we can no longer ship Aerosols. This means & # x202 °F; unfortunately, some areas are to see below & #