It acts by fixing the algae in suspension.It is very easy to dose and very precise.Contains no toxic substances.Not suitable for sturgeons.
5 in 1 Aquarium cleaning set Fish net, gravel rake, algae scraper, plant fork and window sponge Long reach handle aqua tool set making aquarium maintenance easier
Natural anti-algae for preventive action.Especially recommended in spring when the metabolic activity of the upper plants is still too low. Natural plant product composed of peat and barley straw. Provides humic acids that give the water of the
Tetra (4004218161054 / T169) | Standard UK delivery, Standard UK, Items or items, Returning items, Responsible for items, Manufacturer’s warranties, Tetra SafeStart, Harmful ammonia and nitrite, Fish losses & Bacteria losses
Finished mix of artemia eggs and artemia salt - Attaching the artemia solution is easy and easy - Only the addition of fresh water is required - After 24 - 36 hours, the nauplias hatch - What components are included in the scope of delivery: Artemia eggs,
Reaches all corners and angles in the aquarium - Removes algae from plant leaves and decorative material - Also for cleaning technical devices and pump parts - Quickly and easily cleans aquarium panes
Keeps pond water healthy and biologically balanced - Restores and stabilises carbonate hardness in order to keep pH/KH stable - Reduces phosphate to aid algae control - Supports fish health and vitality
Water analyse and diagnosis via smartphone: simple and secure control of the water value of freshwater aquariums. Determination of: total hardness, carbonate hardness, p H, nitrite, nitrate, chloride and CO2 calculation.The water analysis generat
Dupla (4011444806154 / 80615)
Maximum algal share for healthy nutrition: balanced diet and optimal growth of fish eating algae in fresh water and seawater.Nutritious, easy to digest and good for health thanks to a share of garlic. Ideal nutrition conditions for shrimp and aq
Dupla (4011444803054 / 80305)
Accessories for aquarium Net for fish Metal structure covered No toxic Mesh about 1 mm
Hagen (0015561102407 / A240)
Eheim (0015568939686 / 3590050)
With twisted wire handle Coated in plastic Ideal for catching small fish and other aquatic animals
Tetra Safe Start contains specially bred, live nitrifying bacteria, which is proven to reduce poisonous ammonia and nitrite in your aquarium Reduces the ammonia content by up to 14 times and the nitrite content by up to 10 times Can be used
gravel washer for aquariumsespecially for smaller areas and cornerseasy waste remover
Immediately removes ichthyotoxic ammonia and nitrite Binds heavy metals such as lead and copper Removes chlorine and chloramines and lowers nitrate levels and, correspondingly, algae growth250 ml for 1000 l of aquarium water
Dupla (4011444806253 / 80625)
Dual function floating cone For all types of dry food Allows progressive feeding in the aquarium Comes with suction cup
Marine salt for R/O and tap waterprovides natural GH and KH levelsnitrite, silicate and phosphate free
With these magnets can be cleaned to glass panels an aquarium easily For glass thickness up to max. 8 mm The magnets has a hook on which is a fine line be used with the Rückholung can be attached
Gentle capture of aquarium fish: wide-meshed aquarium net with black net Use in fresh and saltwater aquariums Makes catching fish easier thanks to black net fabric, extra durable nylon netting, reinforced handle for daily use Availabl
JBL (4014162614094 / 6140900)
Professional and comfortable trimming of plants to create aquarium landscapes: angled trimming scissors for aquascaping plant maintenance.Easy handling: 27 mm sized finger holes also suitable for bigger fingers, fatigue-free working thanks to li
Professional clipping of lawn forming plants and for plants which are difficult to reach when creating aquarium landscapes: wave shaped scissors for aquascaping plant maintenance Easy to use: 27 mm sized finger holes also suitable for bigger fing
Mixture consisting Live Bacteria and denitrificanti Makes the water abitabile to fish Available in the following sizes: 100 ml, 250 ml Quality product, with possibility of made within 30 days of the delivery of the article
Overdosing: no problem!Wounds heal more quickly Reduces stress Makes the water crystal clear Removes harmful bacteria
Most versatile water treatment Wounds heal more quickly It is used for water preparation, as well as a maintenance product It can be used to make water crystal clear Removes harmful bacteria
JBL (4014162014207 / 2303280)
Fluidra (8011469953815 / 54687) | SICCE Syncra pump, Water pump Syncra
With twisted wire handle Coated in plastic Ideal for catching small fish and other aquatic animals
Coarse fishing net With bamboo handle Ideal for removing gunge and sludge from your pond Use to catch fish prior to pond cleaning Non-slip handle