Attenborough 60 Years In The Wild DVD 2012 NEW

(5051561035555 / 5051561035555) - Sir David Attenborough - (Ex) - Colour - DVD - Living World/Universe - Number of discs: 2 - Release date: 2012-12-03 - Run time: 175 minutes - Studio: 2 Entertain

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Attenborough 60 Years In The Wild DVD 2012 NEW (Image 2)
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Attenborough 60 Years In The Wild DVD 2012 NEW (Main image)
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Attenborough - 60 Years In The Wild
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Attenborough: Sixty Years in the Wild
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Aki R
03-12-2022 07:55

I must confess that I have become a devoted fan of Sir David's work over the years. I always gain valuable knowledge from his explanations, which are consistently clear and concise. It is a shame that we did not have access to this type of material when I was younger. This DVD provides an extensive coverage of various time periods, showcasing how our understanding of the world has evolved over time. Unfortunately, some of the featured creatures are now less prevalent than before. I highly recommend this DVD to any admirer of Sir David's exceptional work.

Lili Thomas
08-08-2022 10:42

This comment praises the collection of archive clips presented by Sir David Attenborough, highlighting his inspiring journey from mimicking films as a child to becoming a renowned broadcaster. It also mentions the struggles he faced and the unique experiences he has encountered throughout his career. The comment emphasizes how this collection showcases Attenborough's evolution in broadcasting technology, from black and white to 3D. It suggests that this collection is great for both younger generations to appreciate his achievements and older fans to be reminded of his greatness. Additionally, it mentions that the inclusion of a calendar and book adds value to the overall package, which is presented in a classy box. The comment concludes by stating that this collection is a must-buy for any Attenborough or nature fan, considering its affordable price.

Rewritten Comment:

This collection of archive clips curated by Sir David Attenborough truly showcases his greatness as a broadcaster. Through inspiring stories about his childhood film experiences and struggles to enter BBC, viewers get an insight into Attenborough's remarkable journey. The footage captures his transition from black and white broadcasting to HD and even 3D, demonstrating his adaptability over time. This compilation appeals not only to younger generations who can appreciate Attenborough's accomplishments but also serves as a reminder for older fans of his brilliance. Moreover, the addition of a calendar and book enhances the value of this gift set, which comes beautifully packaged in an elegant box. For any fan of Attenborough or nature enthusiasts alike, this reasonably priced collection is definitely worth purchasing

Itoe K
08-01-2023 09:14

No words can truly capture the greatness of Sir David Attenborough. He is a person who commands such respect and admiration that it feels impossible to adequately express it (similar to Richard Feynman, albeit for different reasons). It goes without saying that Sir David has achieved widespread fame and adoration. This documentary reminds us of a time when programs focused on substance rather than flashy visuals. Sir David's explanations are deeply personal, as if he is discovering these wonders alongside us with childlike wonderment. I will cherish his DVDs just as I did those from Carl Sagan; they are timeless classics that will be remembered for years to come.

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Key Features
Actors Sir David Attenborough
Certification (Ex)
Colours Colour
Format DVD
Genre Living World/Universe
Number of discs 2
Release date 2012-12-03
Run time 175 minutes
Studio 2 Entertain
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