Bestway BW51080B Spaceship Paddling Pool - Grey, 1.57 m x 41 cm

Great Summer Fun: with the Spaceship style paddling pool; designed water capacity 414L - Unique Panel Design: with 3 air chambers; let kids imagination go into space with the flying saucer design - Durable Material: made from Sturdy pre-tested vinyl with

Bestway BW51080B Spaceship Paddling Pool (Image 1)
Bestway BW51080B Spaceship Paddling Pool (Image 2)
Bestway BW51080B Spaceship Paddling Pool (Image 3)
Bestway BW51080B Spaceship Paddling Pool (Image 4)
Bestway BW51080B Spaceship Paddling Pool (Image 5)
Bestway BW51080B Spaceship Paddling Pool (Image 6)
Bestway BW51080B Spaceship Paddling Pool (Image 7)
Bestway BW51080B Spaceship Paddling Pool (Image 8)
Bestway BW51080B Spaceship Paddling Pool (Main image)
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Sponsored Kids Spaceship Design Above Ground Pool with Repair Patch - Grey

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Brand Bestway

Bestway is a brand that produces a wide range of products, including swimming pools, airbeds, and inflatable boats. The company is based in the United Kingdom and has been in business since the early 1980s.
MPN Bestway BW51080B
EAN 6942138950168
ID 19113146
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 3.75 kg
Dimensions 60x17x60 mm
Key Features
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FAMILY PADDLING POOL: ideal for cooling down together in the summer sun - EASY SET UP: with no tools required, simply inflate and fill; water capacity 450L - 2 EQUAL RINGS: inflated to uphold pool sides with extra wide sidewalls; size 2.01m x 1.50m x 51cm
Colourful and child friendly sea creature design with lots of fun characters - Easy to set up - no tools required - simply fill with water and you will be ready to go - Useful for setting up at a short notice - ideal for hot summer days - Rigid and durabl
Bestway (6942138915662 / 51026-BGLX16GL01)
Bestway (6942138968019 / BW54006-20) | Simply inflate and fill
Bestway (6942138915679 / 51027-BGLX16GL02) | Play Pool, 480L capacity, Colors! may vary, Designed water capacity
Bestway (6942138936865 / 57326) | Garden hose, Fast Set Pool, PVC material, Spray Pool, Inflate the top ring, Pool Fast Spray, Pool rise, Constructed with puncture-resistant, Fast Set Spray
FUN PLAY POOL: perfect for splashing fun in the garden; ages 2+ - BRIGHT COLOURED DESIGN: with fun realistic dinosaur graphic print - EASY SET UP: simply fill with water; size 1.83m diameter, 38cm deep - COMPLETE SET: with 1 pool and a repair patch for lo
Bestway Baby pool, approx 61 x 15 cm 2 ring - Fun, cheerful characters on pool bottom - Baby pool, approx 61 x 15 cm 2 ring - Colours may vary
KIDS INFLATABLE POOL SET: Designed for kids to explore the depths of the ocean with 2 pairs of 3D goggles and crystal treasure included to immerse kids in their own treasure hunt - QUALITY TESTED FOR MAXIMUM FUN: With extra wide walls and two equal rings
Kids activity paddling pool with fun skill shot game - includes 2 built in goals and 5 play balls This play center will provide hours of fun and laughter - perfect for summer entertainment Easily detachable score board means children can pl
Bestway (6942138914153 / 54122B)
Clear pool with ocean critter graphics Three equal rings for extra stability Inflated pool size: 102 x 25 cm A paddling pool for young kids Suitable for children over 3 years old