For many there are few things they wouldn't do for their dogs. Among them, one of the most important is to provide a diet that is quality and adequate . Let's not forget that a balanced and healthy diet is essential so that our pet can have a happy and healthy life.

But as in other areas of our lives, today we can find a wide variety of types of dog food from the best brands. Some of these products are of better quality than others, so we wonder which dog food is the best, which provides the best nutrition and health benefit. We are going to talk about this in today's guide, where we are going to tell you everything you need to know about food for your pet, what are the key factors to consider before selecting a certain brand and what type of dog food they exist today.

Key factors to take into account before buying dog food or feed

As you yourself know, in pet stores and on various specialized websites, you can find a large number of brands and types of dog food. This makes it necessary to carefully analyze some key factors in order to identify which type of food is most suitable for our four-legged friend.

Let us remember that, as with humans, it is also essential in the case of dogs to adapt their diet to their specific needs. In certain situations, not only will age and weight come into play, but it is also essential to consider your level of physical activity, health, and even your preference.

What we have just mentioned are some of the key factors that we invite you to analyze before making the purchase. To help you with it, below we are going to tell you in great detail how each of these factors can influence your purchasing decision.


One of the first key factors you should pay attention to is age. Thanks to the new manufacturers' labels, you will be able to quickly identify for which age a certain dog food is recommended at the best price.

This is very important because depending on the age of the pet , its nutritional needs will vary , so its food must also be adapted. This makes it necessary to be able to buy a food that adapts to each stage of your pet's life. Only in this way will you be able to ensure that they meet your pet's needs.

Activity level

On the other hand, also very important is your pet's activity level. If your dog is very active or is a large dog, you should keep in mind that he will need a diet closer to protein. This does not happen with pets that do not do as much physical activity or small dogs, so they will need another type of food with other nutritional contributions.


Likewise, before purchasing a certain type of dog food, you must take into account the health of your pet. We are particularly referring to food sensitivity , skin or kidney problems. Let's not forget that not only human beings can have allergies or sensitivities when it comes to eating. Your dog may also have some restrictions that you should take into account.

Not to mention that on certain occasions the most loved pet in the house may also have other health problems that will influence its diet. For example, if your dog suffers from diabetes, you should buy food that helps regulate his insulin level, such as wet dog food. On the other hand, if your pet suffers from digestive problems or has dermatitis caused by certain allergies, it may be more convenient to prefer dietary feed.


On the other hand, we also invite you to evaluate your dog's weight before purchasing food. As with age, your pet's current weight also influences the type of food. Let's look at a concrete example.

If your dog is overweight, what many veterinarians suggest is to look for a better diet that is specifically formulated to help maintain control of the pet's weight. The star products are natural dog foods in their light version. What we have to highlight at this point is the fact that not only the type and quality of the food that you are going to buy for your pet is important. It is also essential to measure the amount of food you are going to give your dog.

A puppy up to 4 months old should consume 10% of its weight in food. After 4 months, their metabolism begins to decrease, so they should eat up to 8% of their weight in food. When your pet reaches adulthood, then it should eat 3% of its weight in kilograms of food.


Although for many sterilization has no influence, expert veterinarians always advise adapting the dog's diet in case it itself is spayed or neutered. In fact, don't forget to consider that the vast majority of spayed or neutered dogs tend to have lower energy, around 20 to 25%, which is why they have a lower activity level and consume fewer calories.

Obviously, what we have just told you does not imply that your pet should eat a food that helps it lose weight. But it is a condition that you must evaluate so that you can select a brand of dog food (Pedigree, Royal Canin, Purina, etc.) that helps you avoid becoming overweight or in case your pet is already suffering from this condition. , a meal that helps you control your condition.

dog preferences

Finally, don't forget to also evaluate your pet's preferences. In this case, it is clearly going to be trial and error, which means that you will have to try several brands of dog food until you find the one that your pet likes the most. The moment you find the food whose flavor your dog really likes, without leaving aside the quality of the food and its nutritional contribution , you will see your four-legged furry friend in health.

Type of foods for dogs and puppies

Now, so far we present to you in our complete guide what are the key factors that you should consider before moving forward with the final purchase of food for your dog. But this does not end here because you must also evaluate what type of high-quality dog food is best for your pet.

To help you with your final decision, let us present the different types of dog food that you can find available on the market.

dry food

Surely the most popular food is dry food, also known as dry food or canine kibble . Easy to store and relatively cheaper, dry food is the most chosen by many people.

Feeding your pet this type of food for adult dogs and puppies helps keep their teeth clean thanks to the abrasion that is generated when eating. Therefore, it is particularly recommended in that breed where dental problems arise. Thanks to the wide variety of options that can be found available today, you will be able to choose between various brands that work with a comprehensive combination of natural ingredients of fresh meat (salmon, chicken, beef, etc.), fruits, vegetables and Carefully selected herbs to provide essential nutritional needs.

Not to mention that these feeds and food for dogs can be adapted to the different ages of the dog, level of physical activity and nutritional needs.

wet food

A popular alternative to dry food is wet food. Packaged in cans, tubs or trays, good quality wet foods are loved by many dogs for their tasty smell and meaty texture.

It is an excellent option if you are looking to offer pets a high water content, so it is specifically recommended for dogs that have a high level of physical activity or that suffer from kidney disease. The important thing, in this case, is to be able to find a brand that is made with top quality foods that are natural but at the same time appetizing and digestible.

freeze dried foods

Finally, we cannot fail to mention freeze-dried and dehydrated foods, ideal products as snacks for adult dogs. That a popular alternative today was the large number of benefits it offers. What differentiates it from the alternatives that we mentioned above is its production process, since this type of food has a low level of processing and is rich in protein.

Anyway we have to highlight the fact that dehydrated food is differentiated by the fact that it needs to be mixed with warm water, which is not necessary with the food and used.


If you want to ensure your pet's health and long-term happiness, choosing the right food is essential. Among the various factors that we invite you to consider are age, activity level, health, sterilization, weight and individual preferences. All this information will allow you to make an informed decision that will help you keep your dog in perfect health.

Also, remember to analyze the different types of dog foods to be able to customize their diet based on their needs. We assure you that, by investing a little time, you will be able to select quality food for your large or small breed dog, contributing to its general well-being.