The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute vacuum cleaner is one of the most advanced and revolutionary models developed by the renowned Dyson brand in the field of home cleaning. With a history of more than 15 years of developing high-quality products, Dyson has been known for its technological innovation and exceptional performance.

We are going to take an in-depth look at the features, pros, and cons of the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute vacuum cleaner. We will dive into its suction power, particle detection technology, design and construction, filtration system, and other relevant aspects that make this model an option to consider for those looking for efficient and thorough cleaning.

In addition, we will examine the advantages it offers, such as its greater cleaning efficiency, its intelligent particle detection technology, its autonomy and battery capacity, as well as the additional accessories and functionalities that come with it. However, we will also be transparent in discussing potential downsides such as high price, size and weight, as well as some limitations that might arise in certain situations or surfaces.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive vacuum cleaner review, looking at its features, pros, and cons, and providing an objective assessment based on user and expert experience. If you're considering a high-end vacuum, then read on to find out if the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute is the right choice for you.


The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute is distinguished by a number of innovative features that make it a high performance and efficient vacuum cleaner. Here are the key features of this model:

Suction power and performance

It has a powerful motor that provides exceptional suction . Thanks to its 2 Tier Radial cyclone technology, it is capable of generating centrifugal force that captures the smallest dust and dirt particles. This ensures a deep clean on different types of surfaces, from hard floors to deep pile rugs and rugs.

Particle detection technology

One of the most prominent features is its particle detection technology . Equipped with a built-in laser sensor, this vacuum can detect and count dust particles of different sizes in real time. The LCD screen displays detailed information about the captured particles, allowing you to better visualize and understand cleaning performance.

design and construction

The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute features a sleek and ergonomic design . Its lightweight and balanced construction makes it easy to handle and allows you to easily reach hard-to-reach areas. In addition, its extensible and flexible tube provides greater comfort when cleaning in high places or under furniture.

Filtration system

It uses an advanced five-stage filtration system . This system efficiently captures dust, allergens and other microscopic particles, releasing cleaner air. The HEPA filter retains 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is especially beneficial for people with allergies or sensitivity to dust.

Other relevant aspects

In addition to the mentioned features, it features a long-lasting battery that provides long runtime. It also includes a variety of specialized accessories such as a high-powered cleaning head, furniture brush, crevice tool, pet hair removal tool and more. These accessories improve the versatility and effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner in different cleaning situations.


The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute offers a number of advantages that set it apart as a high-end vacuum cleaner. Some of the most outstanding advantages of this model are listed below:

Greater cleaning efficiency

Thanks to its powerful motor and suction technology, it provides exceptionally efficient cleaning . It is capable of capturing dust and dirt particles of different sizes, even the smallest ones, leaving surfaces spotless and freeing the air of allergens and pollutants.

Smart particle detection technology

The particle detection function is a unique advantage. The integrated laser sensor and LCD display allow real-time viewing of particles captured during cleaning, providing visual feedback on the vacuum's performance and ensuring that no corner is left uncleaned.

Battery capacity and autonomy

It features a long lasting battery that provides long run time. This allows you to clean without interruptions and cover large areas without the need to recharge the battery frequently. Additionally, the efficient motor design maximizes battery life.

Accessories and additional functionalities

This vacuum comes with a variety of specialized accessories that enhance its versatility and effectiveness. High-powered cleaning heads, furniture brushes, crevice tools, and pet hair removal tools are just a few examples. These accessories allow you to adapt the vacuum cleaner to different surfaces and cleaning tasks, providing optimal results.

Other featured benefits

In addition to the advantages mentioned, it presents other beneficial characteristics . Its ergonomic and lightweight design facilitates its use and handling, avoiding fatigue during cleaning. It also stands out for its efficient filtration system, which improves air quality by retaining allergens and microscopic particles.


Although the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute is an outstanding vacuum cleaner in many ways, it also has some downsides that are important to consider before making a purchase. Below are some of the most relevant disadvantages of this model:

High price

One of the main disadvantages is its price . Being a high-end vacuum cleaner with advanced technology, its cost can be significantly higher compared to other models on the market. This can be a limiting factor for those on a tighter budget. Its current price is €800 in the official store.

Size and weight

The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute, while ergonomic and easy to handle, can be relatively large and heavy compared to more compact models. This can make it difficult to use in tight spaces or for those who prefer a lighter, more portable vacuum.

Performance on certain surfaces or situations

While it offers exceptional performance on most surfaces, it may be limited in certain floor types or specific situations . For example, some people have reported that it doesn't work as well on deep pile carpets or cleaning very tight corners.

Limitations of use or maintenance

Some users have mentioned certain limitations in use or maintenance . For example, emptying the dirt bin can be awkward or messy, and regular cleaning of the filtration system may be required to maintain its long-term efficiency.Comparison with other Dyson vacuum modelsThe Dyson V15 Detect Absolute is just one of the vacuum cleaner models developed by Dyson. Below is one of this model with to provide a more complete picture and help readers better understand their differences and consider other available options:

Comparison with other Dyson vacuum cleaner models

The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute is just one of the vacuum cleaner models developed by Dyson. Below is a comparison of this model against other Dyson vacuum models to provide a more complete picture and help readers better understand their differences and consider other available options:

Differences with previous models

It is the latest version of Dyson's V series, succeeding the V11 model . Compared to the V11, the V15 Detect Absolute offers significant improvements in terms of particle detection technology, with its integrated laser sensor and LCD display that displays information in real time. Suction power and battery autonomy have also been improved.

Advantages and disadvantages compared to other models

When comparing other Dyson vacuum models, it is important to consider the specific features and individual needs. For example, if particle detection technology is a priority, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute would be an ideal choice. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, the V11 Absolute model could be an interesting alternative without the particle detection function.

Other popular Dyson vacuum models include the Dyson V10, the Dyson Ball Animal 2, and the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal. Each of these models has its own distinctive features and advantages, such as the versatility of the V10, the suction power of the Ball Animal 2, and the filtration technology of the Cinetic Big Ball Animal.

It is advisable to carefully compare the specifications and features of the different models to determine which one best meets individual needs in terms of performance, price, additional features and cleaning requirements.

User and expert opinions

In order to have a more complete vision about the vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider the opinions and testimonials of both real users and experts in the field. Here are some of the most common opinions and expert analysis on this model.

User reviews and testimonials

  • Many users praise the suction power and cleaning performance, highlighting its ability to capture even the smallest particles.
  • The particle detection technology is considered an innovative and useful feature, allowing users to visualize the level of dirt and have greater control over cleaning.
  • Some users also mention the convenience of the LCD screen, which provides real-time information and helps them adjust the vacuum according to their needs.

Expert opinions and analysis of the vacuum cleaner

  • Household product experts have praised the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute for its powerful suction performance and its ability to efficiently remove dirt and dust from a variety of surfaces.
  • Particle detection technology has been recognized as a remarkable innovation, giving users a more intuitive and controlled cleaning experience.
  • Some experts have also mentioned that the price of the vacuum may be a barrier for some consumers, but stress that the quality and performance justify its value.


The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute vacuum cleaner is a high-end model that offers a number of innovative features and significant benefits. Throughout this article, we've explored its key features, pros and cons, as well as how it compares to other Dyson vacuum cleaner models. Here are some final thoughts:

  • It stands out for its suction power and its particle detection technology, which makes it an ideal option for those looking for a deep and efficient cleaning on different surfaces.
  • Its LCD display and laser sensor allow for a more controlled and visually informative cleaning experience, giving users real-time feedback on the vacuum's performance.
  • Battery life and a variety of specialized accessories add versatility and convenience to the vacuum, allowing you to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks around the home.
  • However, it is important to note that the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute is priced high compared to other models on the market, which can be a limitation for those on a tighter budget.
  • When considering other Dyson vacuum options, such as the Dyson V11 Absolute, Dyson V10, Dyson Ball Animal 2, and Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal , it's important to evaluate specific features and individual cleaning needs.

Overall, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute is a high-performance, technologically advanced vacuum that offers efficient cleaning and enhanced control. However, choosing the right vacuum cleaner will depend on individual needs and preferences, as well as the available budget. We recommend carefully considering the features, pros, and cons presented in this article to make an informed decision and find the vacuum that best suits your cleaning needs.

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