There is no doubt that laptops have become a work, study and even training tool that is much loved by users all over the world. In fact, in a short time they have managed to gain ground over desktop computers, which is why today they are one of the best-selling technological devices.

However, over time, technologies have also evolved, therefore buyers are faced with the need to renew the laptop having to choose from a large number of new models.

Let's not forget that the technology market is growing more and more, so it is not easy to select which is the most correct laptop for each one's needs. Before moving forward with the final purchase, it is therefore necessary to analyze many criteria such as the processor, the type of operating system and much more.

If you still do not have clear ideas and do not know what you should consider to make the most appropriate purchase, you have come to the right place. We prepare a complete guide with all the information you need to find the perfect laptop for you, also taking advantage of the professional features offered by the price comparator that facilitates the purchase process in a simple and intuitive way.

Why buy a new computer?

As we have mentioned before, laptops dominate the technology market these days. They are used almost daily by thousands of people, either for work or study. Its main advantage over a desktop PC is the possibility of using the notebook anywhere, so there are no mobility limits thanks also to the good autonomy offered by current portable batteries and the many connection options that provide the possibility not having to use cables.

In a few words, we can say that buying a computer is a good idea because it offers many benefits to the user, including easy transportation, new built-in technologies, long battery life, comfort, and multiple forms of connectivity that make it easier to work or the study.

But, as you may have noticed, the needs are different. In this sense, the technical specifications that a notebook must have for a worker are not the same with respect to those that a student needs. In some cases, certain functionalities must be prioritized that in other situations can be left aside.

That is why before making the purchase, a detailed comparative analysis should be carried out, also using the tools provided by the Internet such as the Consumerstore comparative page, created to help the consumer make the most accurate purchase possible.

Take advantage of the tools offered by the price comparator

If you want to save time and money in the search for the perfect notebook for you, then you should enjoy the most complete comparison website that you can find on the Internet. We are talking about Consumerstore , a website that offers much more than just a price comparison.

In fact, this Internet page offers the opportunity to find the perfect laptop for every need, simply by applying advanced search filters to satisfy all your needs when purchasing your new notebook.

So that you better understand how you can enjoy Consumerstore , we are going to tell you everything you can do with the comparison page. Once you have entered the web, on the left you will find an interesting series of filters that you can apply to your search. Among them, the brand, RAM memory, type of processor, storage capacity, storage unit, form factor, type of laptop, type of internal memory, processor frequency and even the color of the computer.

As you will have noticed yourself, once each of these details is configured, Consumerstore will provide you with the models that meet all your requirements, but this does not end here. In fact, the comparative website not only allows you to process many types of laptops to show you the most suitable one for your needs, but it also takes the search a little further, because it makes a price comparison between the different models.

The objective is clear, presenting what type of laptop is perfect for you and at the same time offering you the best value for money by showing you where to buy the notebook with the best offer, therefore, at the best price.

What should you look for before making the purchase?

Now, so that you can finally carry out your new acquisition, the time has come to tell you in great detail what are the technical and aesthetic criteria that you should always take into account to buy the correct laptop.


We start with the screen . In this case, you should analyze its size, panel and resolution. As far as size is concerned, it depends on your requirements. In general, computers have a 15.6-inch screen, although they also demand 17-inch models, ideal for programmers, or smaller 12- or 13-inch models for those who do not have particular requirements.

As for the resolution , it is a very important element to consider. In fact, while it is true that a full HD resolution is enough for most users, in some cases, it is necessary to have a 2K or even 4K screen, built-in monitors when working with graphics card.

Regarding the type of panel , we recommend the IPS models that offer good viewing angles and color reproduction, but if you want a high-end laptop, then surely the panel will be OLED that produces incredible colors.


You cannot buy a notebook without having analyzed which operating system you should choose. Among the best known we find Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS . The first is the most used, either for work or home entertainment reasons, which is why many models have it pre-installed. Instead, Apple Mac OS is perfect for those who work in the multimedia industry and in the world of education.

But, they also demand other operating systems. We are talking about GNU/Linux and Chrome OS . Linux is a free operating system that is perfect for servers and is the alternative to Windows, while Chrome OS created by Google allows you to work with applications downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, so it is a little more limited compared to the other options that we present to you. .


As for the processor, you should know that the more powerful it is, the more similar it will be to desktop models. That said, you can find two types of processors: INTEL and AMD . The Intel H, HQ and HK series are the highest performing, while the U series offer longer battery life.

The same goes for AMD processors, with the difference that the G and GE series include lower-power graphics and the M-series is a lower-performing, low-power model.

Storage space

Another very important element is the storage space , that is, the hard drive that can be HDD (mechanical) or SSD (solid state) . Today many models have the SSD as the boot hard drive, but the high-end models also include the HDD as supplementary storage space.

What is the main difference between the two? The mechanical hard drive records information magnetically on the platters, while SSD hard drives offer better performance, speed, and more storage space.

In high-end laptops you can find NMVe SSD hard drives that provide higher data transfer speeds.

Graphic card

You can not forget about the graphics card that in laptops are a little smaller than in desktop models. Anyway, in the market you will find integrated and dedicated GPUs .

The former are incorporated into mid-range notebooks and are characterized by dissipating less heat due to having a reduced cooling system, favoring, however, battery autonomy, which makes it perfect for videos or processing graphics. But, if you want to play games or process complex graphics with the notebook, you will need the dedicated GPU with its own video memory which is faster and frees up RAM for other functions.


RAM memory is also affected by the small dimensions of laptops. Even so, we advise you to check that the RAM built into the notebook is 8 GB in order to have good performance, avoiding 4 GB models and, if you have specific requirements, prefer 16 GB or even 32 GB computers.


Lastly, take a look at the connections. It is not only a matter of controlling the integration of wireless connections such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but also of verifying the presence of USB ports type A, C, 3.5 mm Jack input and SD card slot .


New technologies made it possible to have a market with many models to choose from. To make the best purchase, you must take into account all the factors that we mentioned before in relation to the use that the laptop will have. And if you want to make the search easier and more pleasant, don't forget to take advantage of the features of Consumerstore that in a few minutes will show you the perfect models for your needs with the best value for money.