Smart watches came to revolutionize the technology market promising to be able to replace cell phones. Although, to this day, many consider them just a complement, their usefulness cannot be denied, especially for those who work or love to play sports.

It is therefore not surprising that in recent years they have become increasingly popular and that different manufacturers offer many models to choose from. Indeed, it is quite common to find many models with different technical and aesthetic characteristics in physical stores and online stores, so it may seem difficult to establish which smartwatch is best to buy.

If you are also looking for a smart watch model to buy, you found the perfect item for you. We will prepare a complete guide where we will explain what are the elements that you should analyze before making the final purchase and we will tell you how to enjoy the advantages offered by price comparators such as Consumerstore to make the purchase with the best value. price quality.

Main differences between smart watch and smartband

Before starting with the guide, we have to point out that a smart watch is not the same as a smartband . Although the manufacturers sell the two models as if they were the same product, it is necessary to emphasize that each one offers specific functionalities.

In fact, however, aesthetically they may be similar and incorporate the same sensors, each fulfilling certain functions. What do we mean? Each model adapts to different activities that are carried out on a daily basis.

The main difference has to do with size. In smartbands like Xiaomi's, the screen is 1.7 inches and offers a fairly simple interface, while smartwatches can exceed 2 inches to better read received notifications and also improve the level of interactivity.

Likewise, smartwatches are generally equipped with a greater number of sensors, including heart rate, blood oxygen measurement, blood pressure measurement, menstrual cycle monitoring, and even sleep. Instead, smartbands generally include only the sensors for measuring blood oxygenation and heart rate.

In addition, the most technological smartwatches allow you to receive and answer calls, send WhatsApp messages, answer emails and much more, which is why they are usually recommended to those looking for a professional smartwatch, unlike the perfect smartband for athletes.

Tricks to find the ideal smartwatch

Now that you know the difference between the two models of technological watches , it is time to introduce you to the elements that you should pay attention to before making the purchase to find the smartwatch that meets your needs.

Consider the size and weight

As you may have noticed, in the market you will be able to find more or less heavy models that are better suited to certain types of wrists. In fact, in general, by size reference is made to the width of the screen that usually have between 1.5 and 2.5 inches with a weight that is around 40-50 grams.

The model to choose depends a lot on the person's wrist. If the wrist is small, it is better to prefer a light smartwatch with a compact screen so as not to disturb the movements.

interface is essential

The interface is surely one of the most important elements because it is what makes the smartwatch an interesting object. In this sense, the interface is directly related to the operating system, so its fluidity and interactivity depend on it, thus guaranteeing a good user experience.

Within the market we find two large groups: Apple models with a polished interface and Android models with many integrated features.

Apple smart watches usually offer a good level of interactivity, with scattered icons, a good choice of gestures and also include the famous Siri voice assistant. While the Android smartwatch group is more heterogeneous. Some are characterized by being very attractive and functional, such as Huawei models, while others prioritize speed and the possibility of using many applications, such as Google smart watches.

It all depends on the built-in functions

As we have mentioned before, what differentiates the different types of smartwatches are the functionalities and the built-in sensors, so the purchase depends above all on your needs.

The simplest models include not only the ability to see the time, but also timers, alarm clocks, alarms, and appointment reminders.

The most complete smartwatches incorporate sensors to monitor the general state of health, such as the sensor to measure heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, menstrual cycle and sleep tracking, to provide a complete analysis when you want it. In addition, for those who love sports, a good smartwatch allows you to calculate the calories burned, count the steps taken and other values related to the type of physical activity carried out.

But this does not end here. Smart watches want to replace smartphones , so they also allow you to receive and answer calls, receive notifications (email, messaging app and social networks), answer messages and much more.

Key is the connectivity offered

Connectivity is also important. Today, with new technologies , many smart watches have integrated NFC connections to make payments and mobile synchronization and GPS to locate the device anywhere.

The quality and resistance

Although all the criteria that we have presented to you so far are very important, you cannot help but take an in-depth look at the resistance and quality of the smartwatch you want to buy. In fact, the versatility offered by these devices means that they can be used on a daily basis while we carry out our daily activities.

However, this means that the smartwatch is constantly exposed to heat or cold, falls, etc. For this reason, it is necessary to consider its resistance, which is measured in 6 IP levels depending on the degree of resistance to solid agents and water.

For what has to do with resistance to agents, IP1 is the most solid, while IP6 is the lowest level. Instead, a watch with an IPX1 resistant to falling drops of water, unlike the IPX7 models that resist temporary immersion in water.

Opt for a good autonomy

Finally, before making your final decision you should carefully consider the autonomy of the model. Currently, with the constant development in the sector, batteries offer users a good level of autonomy that, however, varies depending on what type of smartwatch you want to buy.

In general, the smartwatch has a range of 14 days without GPS. In case of activating this type of connectivity, the duration drops to 7 days.

Compare prices and brands quickly with

If you made it this far, you have a clearer picture of the elements that you must take into account to buy the smartwatch that meets your needs. But the truth is that the market is very broad, so even though you have clear ideas about the features that your smartwatch should have, it may happen that you don't know which model to buy.

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Clearly, the comparison website saves consumers time and money by providing quick and comprehensive comparative analysis, offering the ability to find the store with the best value for money.


Technological advances make smartwatches essential in our daily lives. Not only do they allow us to stay connected and informed, even if we don't have our cell phone at hand, but they also help us take care of our health with their sensors that create daily reports on our physical condition.

And although it can be difficult to say which smartwatch to buy because the offer is so wide, with Consumerstore the search for the perfect model is easier and easier. All you have to do is configure the filters and let the comparative website do all the work in a few seconds.