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Troubleshoot vehicle electrical issues with precision using the Draper Expert Automotive Circuit Tester. Versatile 6-24V DC range, durable design for expert diagnostics
Maximize your polishing with the Sealey BB1502 Bench Buffer/Polisher. 150mm wheel, powerful 370W motor, for a perfect finish on various materials. Shop now!
Miscellaneous (5012594440037 / 44003) - Weight: 0.1200 | Multi Purpose Oil, Standard Flexican, Tools and moving parts, Moving parts, 3-IN-ONE Oil
BLACK+DECKER (5035048617632 / PD1200AV-XJ) - Each | Black and Decker Flexi, Clean filter
Polycell (5010212474952 / PLCTQDT330) | Quick drying, Polyfilla Quick Drying Filler, Polyfilla Tube
Flexovit (3157625538009 / FX63642526594)
Draper Tools (5010559419258 / 41925)
Recommended for use with Sealey valeting equipment. - These chemical agents are specially formulated to provide powerful, non-corrosive cleaning power. - Recommended for use with Sealey valeting equipment. - These chemical agents are specially formulated
Can be washed and re-used up to 500 times - Ideal for a host of industries and around the home - Size: 400mm x 400mm
Multi Purpose Polyfilla Powder 900g - Multi Purpose Polyfilla Powder 900g - Multi Purpose Polyfilla Powder 900g
Diameter: 50mm, Thread: 5/16"UNF. - Compatible with 50mm Hook & Loop Discs. - Hook & Loop Backing Pad Ø50mm 5/16"UNC - Soft and flexible edges for extra accessibility
On and off water control feature and snap-on hose connector - Ideal for cleaning vehicles, boats, paintwork, conservatories - Suitable for any home or valeting business
Secure your nuts and bolts with Draper D243 Nut Lock Adhesive 24660. High-strength, quick-drying formula for a lasting hold. Ideal for all machinery
Ready mixed solution Supplied in a plastic container Ideal for removing traffic film and road dirt No smearing Used for all vehicle windows/screens
CarPlan Blue Star De-Icer is a quality de-icer designed to melt ice fast on vehicle windscreens leaving a clear ice and streak-free finish - The de-icer operates down to -15 degres.
Uasage: This spray is a dry silicone lubricant and mould release agent ideal for the easing of friction between two surface - Gives Ideal lubrication - Ideal for use in mould making / releaseing and the instilation of rubber gaskets - Feature - Once dry t
Kleenex (5033848030309 / 7979) - Kleenex Ultra hand towels have a luxurious feel - White - Dimensions: 215 x 315mm - Green product - Recyclable - Minimum recycled content (%): 0 - number of sheets: 124 | Box coating & Kleenex 2-Ply Ultra Hand
Tork 2 ply disposable wiping paper is strong and absorbent / Thanks to Qick Dry technology it is stronger than other papers when wet - making it more durable for repeated use Designed for both mopping and wiping, the disposable paper is just as ef
Miraclean suitable for most hard surfaces - Needs nothing other than water - Suitable for delicate surfaces - Deals with pen-marks, scuffs, lime scale residue and grease - Avoids using harsh, chemical cleaners
Dispense directly from your pressure washer - Can be alternatively mixed in a bucket with water and applied using a sponge - Leave it to work for a short while and the rinse well - Specially formulated for use with Karcher pressure washers
HMMOCK90 in a 90ml blister pack. - UK's No 1 Hand and Power Tool Seller - BEST BRANDS AT BEST PRICES - Premium Product
Quick results with the minimum of effort No need for chemicals, just dampen and start wiping marks and stains away Ideal for removing marks from tiles, tea-stained crockery, paintwork, floor and kitchen surfaces Sponge dimensions 100
Hammerite (5011867114033 / 5092952) - Colour name: Black - Solvent-based - Matt - Package depth: 115 mm - Package Height: 123 mm - Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s) - Volume: 1000 ml - Size: 1 Litre - Weight: 1017 (g) | Floor panels
These rolls are blue 3 ply Carries the Nordic Swan Environmental label and the ISEGA Food Contact certificate Roll contains 500 sheets and is 190m long with 2 rolls in a case.
Hammerite (5011867010885 / 5092829) | Hammerite Direct, Perform as a primer, Undercoat and topcoat
HMMUBS25L Underbody Seal has the following specifications:Pack type: Tin.Size: 2.5 litres.UK's No 1 Hand and Power Tool Seller BEST BRANDS AT BEST PRICESPremium Product
Hammerite (5011867100302 / 5092946) - Size: 1 Litre - Weight: 1000 (g) | Floor panels, Underbody Seal, Protection for areas, Litre Hammerite Waxoyl, Surface against further corrosion
Hammerite (5011867100135 / 5092943) - Size: 400ml - Weight: 379 | Hammerite Waxoyl, Weatherproof skin, Sills and chassis, Collect Waxoyl, Rain and rust
BLACK+DECKER (5035048691670 / 50111XNVB1) - Crevice tool, Dusting brush - Washable - Colour: Grey - Suction: 40 mm | Car vac, Decker Car, Auto Dustbuster 12v, Dustbuster Auto, 12v Car Vacuum Cleaner & Vacuum Cleaner NVB12AV
CONNECT (5018341351007 / 35100)
All Weather Adhesive. - High Bond Strength. - Heat Resistant. - Bonds in the wet. - Evo-Stik Sticks Like 290Ml
New, improved spraying - Simple, fast and effective coverage - Simple pump action to gain desired pressure for application - Offers a continuous pressured spray with on/off button for added control - Includes extension hose and probe for those awkward to
Hammerite (5011867012513 / 5092838) - Colour name: Clear - Spray - Matt - Layers per pallet: 3 pc(s) - Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s) - Package depth: 82 mm - Package Height: 245 mm - Package weight: 950 g | Hammerite Waxoyl
Hammerite (5011867100050 / 5092941)
Kleenex. See KC01197 for wall mounted dispenser - Ultra 2-ply hand towels manufactured from highly absorbent Airflex
BLACK+DECKER (5035048617625 / PV1200AV-XJ) - Capacity: 440ml - Slate, Red & Silver - Each | Reach areas, 12V Dustbuster® Pivot®, Car Vacuum 12V, Decker PV1200AV 12V Pivot®, Car Vacuum, Reach all areas, Pivoting nose & Easy to empty