Clippasafe Pram & Pushchair Universal Insect Net (Image 1)
Clippasafe Pram & Pushchair Universal Insect Net (Image 2)
Clippasafe Pram & Pushchair Universal Insect Net (Main image)

Clippasafe Pram & Pushchair Universal Insect Net

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03-06-2022 06:39

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Tags Insect net Clippasafe Pram Clippasafe UNIVERSAL PRAM Pushchair Universal Insect CLIPPASAFE INSECT NET
Brand Clippasafe
Clippasafe is a brand that produces a range of child safety products, including stair gates, plug covers and cabinet locks. The company was founded in the UK in 2001, and has since expanded to sell its products in over 60 countries. Clippasafe's products are designed to help parents keep their children safe from potential dangers around the home.
EAN 5015876020156
Model Clippasafe CL194
MPN Clippasafe CL194
ID 8440419
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Colours white
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Clippasafe Roller Blind
13.70 GBP
9.99 GBP
Clippasafe (5015876020378 / CL501)
-33 % today only
Clippasafe Universal Insect Net, Black
8.99 GBP
5.99 GBP
Universal fit - Ultra fine mesh net - Fits prams, strollers, carrycots etc - Packs small for easy storage - Simple and quick to fit
-23 % today only
Clippasafe Infant Car Seat Rain Cover
11.58 GBP
8.95 GBP
Clippasafe (5015876020200 / CL380) - Transparent
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Clippasafe Cot Insect Net
14.99 GBP
8.99 GBP
Elasticated around the base and fitted with 4 securing ties.These are available in two sizes.Ensure that the elasticated base fits below the level of the mattress.Size: 135 x 67 x 67 cm approx.
-7 % today only
Clippasafe Clear View Baby Mirror
16.49 GBP
15.39 GBP
Clippasafe (5015876023102 / C58)
3.49 GBP
Fun Design Sun Screen to protect your infants eyes against the sun.Easily attached to windows by suction cup.Fold up for easy storage in pop-close bag.Pack of two.
3.20 GBP
See-thru material helps maintain driver's viewsecures with suction cups Easy-release button This pack contains one item
3.28 GBP
No more Losing toys,dummyfrom the Buggy