DEB HVY4LDREN Stoko Heavy Duty Cleanse Dispenser, 4L (Image 1)
DEB HVY4LDREN Stoko Heavy Duty Cleanse Dispenser, 4L (Main image)

DEB HVY4LDREN Stoko Heavy Duty Cleanse Dispenser, 4L

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03-06-2022 10:42

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Tags Deb Cleanse Heavy 4 Litre Deb Solopol Lime Duty Cleanse Dispenser Deb Stoko Cleanse DEB HVY4LDREN Stoko Dispenser 4 Litre Dispenser 4000
Brand Deb
Deb is a brand that specializes in making affordable fashion for women. The clothes are stylish and trendy, and the prices are very reasonable. Deb is a great choice for women who want to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends without spending a lot of money.
EAN 5010424020213
ID 21348851
Dimensions / Weight
Dimensions 7x6x14 mm
Key Features
Colour White
Dimensions 17.5 (W) x 15 (D) x 34.5 (H) cm
Industry Standard Product Classification 71144
Pack quantity 1
Type Soap & Lotion Dispensers
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DEB LGT2LDPEN Stoko Light Duty Cleanse Dispenser, 2L
51.61 GBP
11.48 GBP
Deb (5010424020206 / LGT2LDPEN) - Type: Soap & Lotion Dispensers | Deb Orange, Litre cartridges, Standards in your workplace, Deb Lotion, Cleanse Light Dispenser, Deb dispensers, Cleanse Dispenser, Cleanse Light & Orange Lotion Dispenser
-50 % today only
Deb OxyBac Soap Dispenser Capacity: 1Ltr.
28.06 GBP
14.03 GBP
Deb (5010424044769) - Availability: Out of Stock (Due in 06/08/2020) | Deb Cleanse
-23 % today only
DEB HVY2LDPEN Stoko Heavy Duty Cleanse Dispenser, 2L
21.59 GBP
16.52 GBP
Deb (5010424020220 / HVY2LDPEN) | Industrial environments, Litre cartridges, Cleanse Heavy, Cleanse Dispenser, Deb Cleanse Heavy, Heavy duty wash, Dispenser Heavy, Litre hand wash Dispenser & Washroom Dispenser HVY2LDPEN
-24 % today only
DEB SSD01P Stoko Mr Soapy Soap Dispenser, 1 L
13.04 GBP
9.92 GBP
For use with Deb 1 L hand wash cartridges - Brightly coloured child-friendly soap dispenser with 'Mr Soapy' design - Designed for nurseries and primary schools - Encourages regular use - Pump controls dosage to reduce waste
-14 % today only
Deb Instant Foam Dispenser
10.00 GBP
8.58 GBP
Deb (5010424015400 / INF01CON) - Biodegradable: 0 - Pack contains: 1 - Recyclable percentage: 100 - Capacity: 1L - Colour: White - Country of origin: UK - ISO 14001 (Y/N) - INFO1CON - Each - Type: Soap & Lotion Dispensers
-29 % today only
DEB PROL1SCH Stoko Now Wash Hands Dispenser
16.79 GBP
11.99 GBP
Brightly coloured child-friendly soap dispenser with 'Wash Your Hands' design - Uses Deb 1 L foam wash cartridges - Designed for nurseries and primary schools - Encourages regular use - Pump controls dosage to reduce waste
-7 % today only
22.06 GBP
20.42 GBP
Deb (5010424017138) | Product Unit, Pack Unit, Cleaner is suitable, Deb Swarfega, Washer Fluid
8.40 GBP
Kitchen/Bathroom Cleaning Cleaning Products Janitorial Premium Product
11.79 GBP
Deb (5010424021432 / HEX-17748) | Wash Dispenser
94.03 GBP
Deb (5010424019576 / AZU2LT) | Azure Foam Wash
30.59 GBP
Deb (5010424021517) - Box content: 1 x Hand Soap Dispenser - Colour: White - Wall Mounted | Washroom hygiene, Hand Wash Dispenser, Proline White Dispenser, Litre hand wash, Reducing waste, WHB1LDS EAN, Waste the White