TOP TRAVELLER SCALE 12-14.1 (Image 1)
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Tags Dicota Top Traveller Messenger case Black TRAVELLER SCALE 12-14.1 35.8 cm Black D31427 Messenger case Black D31427 Dicota SCALE Carrying D31427 Dicota Top Messenger for 15.6" Black 600D
Brand Dicota

Dicota is a brand that specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality laptop bags and cases. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Germany.
EAN 7640158666265
Model Dicota N281474
MPN Dicota N281474
ID 10498944
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.02 kg
Key Features
Linear mass density 600 D
Minimum screen size 30.5 cm (12")
Number of front pockets 1
Product main colour Black
Removable shoulder strap Yes
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Dicota Security Cable Lock for Microsoft Surfac
31.37 GBP
29.52 GBP
-1 % today only
74.77 GBP
73.70 GBP
Dicota (7640158669136) - Charging function - USB Power Delivery revision: 3.0 - USB Power Delivery up to: 100 W | Dicota D31729
69.92 GBP
Dicota (7640158666395 / D31440) | Plenty of space, Fastening strap, Traveller SCALE
6.99 GBP
Dicota (7640158667347 / D31555)
17.84 GBP
Dicota (5054629284353 / D30465)
49.91 GBP
Dicota (7640158663820 / D31175) | Protects the screen, Premium privacy screen
44.33 GBP
DICOTA Secret 2-Way - Notebook privacy filter - 12.3" - for Dell Latitude 5285 2-in-1 - High scratch resistance - Easy and bubble-free installation
21.65 GBP
EVA foam compartment provides superior shock protection for your Mac Book or Ultra book - Padded slip pocket for tablets up to 10.5" - Outer compartment for mobile accessories - Document compartment with zipper on the back - Removable shoulder strap and p
99.04 GBP
Dicota (7640158662663 / N281486)
63.80 GBP
Dicota (7640158668757 / D31698) | Dicota Universal Notebook