The Elvis Collection [DVD] [2011]

!!no brand!! (5051892066631 / MSE1078107) - Elvis Presley - DVD - Number of discs: 6 - Release date: 26 Sept. 2011 - Run time: 535 minutes | Las Vegas, Elvis Collection, Signature Collection, DVD Box Set Jailhouse

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Tags Las Vegas Elvis Presley Elvis Collection Signature Collection DVD Box Set Jailhouse
Brand !!no brand!!
MPN !!no brand!! FN148857
EAN 5051892066631
Model !!no brand!! MSE1078107
ID 2023975
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.60 kg
Dimensions 5x1x8 mm
Key Features
Actors Elvis Presley
Format DVD
Number of discs 6
Release date 26 Sept. 2011
Run time 535 minutes
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