Fiskars 2320484
Fiskars 2320484
Fiskars 2320484
Fiskars 2320484
Fiskars 2320484
Fiskars 2320484

Fiskars 2320484 "WoodXpert XA3" Brush Hook - Black/Orange/Grey

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03-06-2022 03:50

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Tags WoodXpert Brush Hook Brush Hook
Brand Fiskars

Fiskars is a Finnish company that manufactures scissors, knives, and other cutting tools. It was founded in 1649 and is now a global brand.
Model Fiskars 126004
EAN 6411501260048
MPN Fiskars 661021
ID 4010186
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-48 % today only
Fiskars SmartFit Hedge Shear HS86, Telescopic, Non-stick coating, High-Steel blades, Length: 68
78.04 GBP
40.50 GBP
-36 % today only
Fiskars Universal Scissors S92, Length: 18 cm, Stainless steel blade/plastic handles, Classic, Orange, 1000555
26.03 GBP
16.60 GBP
Fiskars (6411501110305 / 1000555) | Fiskars Universal Scissors, Universal Garden
-57 % today only
Fiskars SingleStep Pruner Bypass P26, Non-stick coating Steel blades, Length: 20 cm, Cutting diameter: 2.2 cm, Black/Orange, SingleStep, 1000567
25.50 GBP
10.98 GBP
-32 % today only
Fiskars SmartFit Pruner Bypass P68, Cutting Diameter Adjustable Up to 2.4 cm, Steel Blades with Non-stick Coating/Fiberglass ReinForced Plastic Handles, Length:20 cm, Black/Orange, 1001424
25.78 GBP
17.43 GBP
Fiskars. Lightweight, strong and comfortable to use. - Carbon steel blade PTFE coated blades for rust resistance and smooth cutting. - Convenient locking mechanism is accessible with one hand providing safety in storage.
-47 % today only
145.99 GBP
77.95 GBP
Fiskars. This product can be used with extension pole - Handy bypass cutting action for cutting fresh wood - Tree pruner bypass is with enough reach to go up vertical to approximately 3.5 meters
79.99 GBP
Anvil pruning shears for cutting dry hard growth, For pruning branches up to 2.2 cm in diameter, Suitable for cutting dry and hard growth, For right- and left-handed users Strong and comfortable fibreglass-reinforced plastic handles with wrist st
-6 % today only
Fiskars SmartFit Lopper Bypass L86, Non-stick coating blade, Cutting diameter: 5 cm, Hardened steel, Handle length: 66-90 cm, Black/Orange, 1013564
49.25 GBP
46.49 GBP
100% Cotton - Concealed press studs keep the quilt in place. - Quilt cover length: 200 cm Quilt cover width: 150 cm Pillowcase length: 50 cm Pillowcase width: 80 cm - 144 thread count. - Item by IKEA
-68 % today only
Fiskars Solid Snip Pruning Microtip SP13, Length: 21,5cm, Steel Blades/Plastic Handle, 1051600, Orange/Black
24.35 GBP
7.75 GBP
Fiskars (6411501110817 / 1051600) | Fiskars Solid Snip, Places due, Steel blades/plastic
-52 % today only
Fiskars Solid Snip Pruning Shears SP15, Length: 23,8cm, Steel Blades/Plastic Handle, 1051602, Orange/Black
20.03 GBP
9.71 GBP
Pruning Shears Ideal for intricate cuts on plants and flowers such as roses and ornamental plants up to 10mm in diameter, For right and left-handed users - Lightweight, durable handles made of weather-resistant, glass-fibre reinforced plastic, Firm and co
-10 % today only
Fiskars Large Handsaw for Fresh Wood, Coarse Serration, Blade Length: 25.5 cm, Retractable, Stainless Steel, Black/Orange, Xtract, SW75, 1000614
34.33 GBP
30.99 GBP
-35 % today only
Fiskars SingleStep Universal Snip SP28, Length: 20.8 cm, Steel blades, Black/Orange, SingleStep, 1000571
12.33 GBP
8.06 GBP
All-purpose cutting tool to cut many things in the garden: plastic, metal wire, cable, hose, thin sheet, etc, Not to be used as pruning shears on plants, For right- and left-handed users - Strong and comfortable fibreglass-reinforced plastic handles with
24.99 GBP
Easy to use Soft Grip Handle Lightweight and Comfortable to use