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HPC Healthline (5024951006961 / HEA00696) - Biodegradable: 0 - Pack contains: 10 - Product unit: 1 - N/A - L - Cotton - GI/NCME - Colour: White - Country of origin: China - ISO 14001 (Y/N) - Type: Re-usable Gloves | Pack Size
DEWALT (5055160021575 / DWF-50071-121-10) - Colour: Brown - Pack size: 1 - Size: 10 - 44 - Weight: 2.604kg
Silicone free Optional lightly powdered finish for ease of donning Beaded cuff, providing additional strength and preventing liquid roll offpack of 10 x 100
CAMON SpA (8019808152868 / 01499292) | Melissa and valerian, Relaxing activity, Birth of a child, Animal in the house
Made up of polyethylene beads that make the kneepad light and breathable - Best suited for Snickers Work wear floor layers trousers 3223 - Designed not to slide so that they remain in position when moving about on your knees - Material: 100% Polyethylene
Cut resistant for protection,Fits in the knee pockets on all Snicker Workwear trousers - Curved design for around knee - Flexible and stiffens on impact - Ready for the Snickers workwear Knee Guard positioning system. - Extremely hardwearing and cut-resis
3M. Textured surface helps keep them in place - Consistent expansion time even in humid environments - Setting the standard in hearing protection as the world's first foam earplugs
Revitive LV uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation to stimulate nerve endings on the soles of your feet, improving leg circulation & providing fast acting relief from puffy feet & tired, aching legs.
DEWALT. Also has cordura knee pockets for added comfort - Features holster pockets and large combat pockets for tools and accessories - Multi pocket hammer loop design - Lightweight trouser made of polycotton material
Dickies (5025541007078 / FC23530) - Weight: 1.3400 | Tiber Safety Navy, Dickies Safety, Dickies Tiber
Bellota (8414299281941 / 72805)
High level of protection.Powderless.Material Neoprene and natural latex
Flexible gloves Highly dexterous Hardwearing and washable Size: Large
HANDSAFE (5024951003106 / HEA00310) - Biodegradable: 0 - Pack contains: 100 - Product unit: 1 - N/A - S - Clear - Vinyl - GN65 - Country of origin: China - ISO 14001 (Y/N) | Clear GN65 & Handsafe Powder-Free Vinyl Gloves
SHIELD (5024951009733 / HEA00973) - Biodegradable: 0 - Pack contains: 100 - Product unit: 1 - N/A - M - Blue - Nitrile - GD19 - Country of origin: Malaysia - ISO 14001 (Y/N) | Disposable Gloves
HANDSAFE (5024951013716 / HEA01371) - Biodegradable: 0 - Pack contains: 100 - Product unit: 1 - N/A - L - Nitrile - GL897 - Colour: Black - Country of origin: Malaysia - ISO 14001 (Y/N) | Pack Size, Nitrile Gloves & Dust contamination
Embossed glove for better grip Open back design improves ventilation Seamless nylon for comfort Suitable for household, manual and heavy duty tasks Size 9
Knee pads with high memory gel for everyday use, especially suitable for long working on the knees and roofing work. - A single wide neoprene strap for maximum comfort while wearing and a secure fit - Moulded foam body provides extra comfort - The semi-ri
Suitable for all MASCOT products with knee pad pockets - It is not necessary to remove this type of kneepad from the trousers prior to washing - Material: 100% cellular rubber
Large size nitrile gloves for minimal risk applications - Powder-free to reduce allergies and dust contamination - Textured for improved grip - Non-latex: nitrile material reduces allergic reactions - Food safe: tested to EC1935/2004 standards
Clothing & Workwear - Knee Pads - Irwin I-Gel Knee pads are designed to put maximum protection where it is needed most. The built-in flexibility of knee pads provides long-lasting comfort. Embedded I-Gel insert provides maximum impact resistance.
St John Ambulance (5060203750565 / F12632-L)
Aurelia (9555002106096 / 38228) | Aurelia Delight Clear
Non-Sterile & Latex free - 100% Nitrile - Disposable - Ambidextrous and beaded cuff design to aid donning - Micro-textured finish delivers improved grip
OREGON (5400182884033 / 295399XL) | Large Chainsaw gloves
The Amtech pond and drain gloves are ideal for pond, drain and sewer maintenance, as well as other similar tasks. - These extra large size gauntlet gloves feature a long elasticated 50cm sleeve for added ingress protection. - The Amtech N2415 protective g
The Amtech heavy duty PVC gauntlet gloves are durable and ideal for drain and gutter clearance, as well as other similar tasks. - These extra large size work gloves have a high abrasion and tear resistance feature, making them more dependable. - The Amtec
HANDSAFE (5024951000310 / HEA00031) - Biodegradable: 0 - Pack contains: 100 - Product unit: 1 - N/A - S - Clear - Vinyl - GN52 - Country of origin: China - ISO 14001 (Y/N)
DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE: These knee pads are made from heavy duty rubber with a high density foam for maximum comfort - MANOEUVRABLE AND NON-SLIP: With a flexible accordion design for easy manoeuvrability, these knee protectors have non-slip grip pads and
Briers (5050642051774) | Standard UK delivery, Standard UK, Items or items, Manufacturer’s warranties, Refund of the price, Manufacturer’s warranty period
Aurelia (9555002106072 / 38226) | Aurelia Delight, Aurelia Delight Clear Powder


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