Hairball Remedies

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Contains malt paste for easy removal of intestinal hair Contains BIO-MOS, to improve the intestinal flora Improves digestion
ANTI-HAIRBALL COMPLEX - Malt, oils and dietary fibre promote the natural passage of ingested hair and prevent new hairballs from forming - EVERY DAY - Recommended by vets for daily feeding of all cats - RECIPE - With high-quality ingredients and without a
Helps hairballs to pass smoothly and gently through the intestines Easy to use Tasty and effective Pre-biotic supplement that aids digestion by encouraging a healthy gut-flora Can be given directly on food or licked off a paw
CLASSIC CHICKEN FLAVOR - Our classic chicken flavour is a favourite among felines and provides safe support for a healthy digestive system while helping to prevent hairballs. - SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION - This specific blend of soluble and insoluble fibr
HEALTHY-GROWTH FORMULA - This cat paste supports growth, strong bones and the development of cell and immune systems in cats aged 6 weeks or older - EXPERT LINE - Recommended by vets for feeding with special requirements as well as for boosting and protec
Cheese anti hairball for cats - With cheese and biotin malt - Helps to boosts digestion - Prevents hair balls from swallowed hair - Biotin helps to produce a beautiful shiny coat
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Sensipharm (5705358810015) | Sensipharm Diafarm Cat
Complete food for adult cats from 12 months of age - Formulated to help remove hair balls - Protects the immune system from numerous diseases - The presence of Zinc helps skin regeneration - The prebiotic effect of FOS, stimulates the beneficial bacterial