50ml - For dogs and cats - Reduces tartar and plaque
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Unique blend of powerful, natural ingredients that removes and defends against plaque and tartar No brushing required!Specially designed to meet the oral needs of cats Simply apply two drops into the mouth and allow them to lick arou
🟣 NO MORE PLAQUE & TARTAR – 100% Pure Seaweed Powder For Cats Is An All-Natural Supplement To Fight Bacteria-Ladened Plaque & TarTar Build Up In Pets (No Need For Cat Toothbrush or Cat Breath Freshener Spray) - 🟣 FRESHEN BAD BREATH – Rich In Pow
Pro Den Plaque Off animal can be used to help prevent the reoccurrence of plaque and tartar, but it is also suitable where there is existing tartar accumulation - The Plaque Off animal formula is made from dried and milled seaweed - Pro Den Plaque Off den
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for cats easy and effective - reduce bad breath - helps to clean teeth and gums
Helps to maintain an optimal oral health without the need for brushing - Daily use helps to prevent plaque and halitosis - Prior and after a professional dental hygiene it enhances, lengthens and improves its effect - Due to its salivation stimulating eff
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For easy cleaning of teeth and oral cavity Antimicrobial, chemical free self-cleaning microfibre Helps remove plaque and bacteria in the mouth Ideal approach to regular tooth brushing. Use Oral Cleaner daily for one week. Then replace
Pro Den Plaque Off Cat 40g is a natural feed supplement containing especially selected seaweed and, an additional ingredient, brewers yeast, to appeal to our feline friends with a more discerning pallet. Pro Den Plaque Off is clinically proven to - signif
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