Removes stubborn & unsightly tear stains - For use on fur around the eyes & mouth - Suitable for all breeds of cats and dogs - Safe & gentle
gentle and effective - clears dust and dirt - for dog,cats and other small animals
Keep your pet's eyes clean and clear with Trixie Eye Care Cleanser. Gentle, effective formula for dogs & cats to prevent tear stains & irritation
Tearstain remover for dogs, cats and other small animals Soothes and removes the traces of watery pet eyes For gentle removal of stains caused by watery eyes Safe to use and improves hygiene
Beaphar Uk (8711231153480) | Eye Gel, Beaphar Eye Gel
Canys (3336084896565 / 4896565)
(8019808141046 / G880) | Cat breed
Specifically designed for swimmers with long hair, this easy on-and-off design won't snag your hair Extra space allows long hair to be tucked inside without compromising a smooth fit Cap helps protect hair against chlorine Made from l
Helps to remove tear staining over time Simply apply to cotton wool and apply to the affected area Over time, the stains will fade, then remove completely!Apply daily for best results200ml
Eyes remains soft and cleansed Very soft, very easy Natural formulation Croci spa Quality and service for pets
Cani Sciences Laboratoires (3387105191107 / C0298)
Vet's Best eye cleansing pads for dogs gently and effectively remove dirt and help dissolve eye discharge Safe, quick and easy to use to remove tear stains Contains safe and natural ingredients such as soothing aloe Vera These special
Laboratoires Héry (3387101191019)
Biogance (3770001288338 / BGLY100)
Biogance (3770001288772 / BGNRLD) | Sanicat Friegasuelos Clear Oxygen
✅ The Perfect Dog Eye Wipes! Remove Tear Stains, Eye Crust & Eye Discharge From Your Dogs Eyes, To Keep Them Happy & Healthy! - ✅ 100 Dog Eye Wipes! Our Extra Large Pack of Eye Cleaning Pads Are Designed For Regular Use, So You Can Keep Your D
Beaphar (5021284176231) | Eye Lotion 50ml, Eye Lotion, Prevent tearstain
Dechra (5701170313291 / 5701170313291) | Dry eyes, Dechra Lubrithal Eye
FARMADIET (8414042003493 / 8414042003493) | Lens opacity, Hazel acts, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose, Benzalkonium chloride acts
Artero (8435037170754) | Artero eyes cleaner thimble, Eyes clean
100% natural ingredients - Vet approved - Non Toxic - Safe for puppies and kittens - Eco Friendly - recyclable packaging
Keep your pet's eyes clean with Beaphar Oftal Tear Stain Remover, 50ml. Safe & effective for removing stains and debris around the eyes
Tropiclean (0700580084925 / FFS)
specially formulated to gently soothe and clean the eyessuitable for use around the eyes, so aiding the removal of tear stains For dogs and cats
liquid eye cleaner for dogs and catscontains glycerin, extracts of chamomile, witch hazel, lime and grapefruit seedshelps eliminate tears, prevents redness and inflammations of the eyeskeep dog´s eyes clean and healthycan a
FAST ACTING - A Non-Irritating and No Sting Solution. Scientifically Formulated for Flushing and Cleaning Irritations to the Eye. - SAFE NON TOXIC EYE FLUSH - Can be Used 3-4 Times Daily or as Directed by Your Veterinarian. - MADE IN THE UK - Manufactured
THE BEST NATURAL TEAR STAIN REMOVER - Remove eye tear & saliva stains with our scientifically developed, naturally derived tear stain remover. Our unique formula has been designed to penetrate your dog’s follicle structure and remove any existing eye, t
sb (5053368311788)
Beaphar Eye Lotion is a sterile saline-solution for cleaning in and around the eyes of dogs and cats. - Use regularly to help keep eyes clean and free of dirt which may lead to the build up of other eye problems. - Comes ready to use, with a soft applicat
🐶 A Must Have For Your Dog Grooming Kit - Our dog tear stain remover white fur thoroughly cleanses, soothes & protects your dog's face, unlike other grooming products for dogs such as dog wipes, eye spray or a puppy brush for itchy eyes & sticky eyes!
Beaphar (9024717350693) | Eyes clean, Clean the eyes
Beaphar (9024719453309) | Eye Lotion 50ml
Beaphar (9024722143808) | Eye Lotion 50ml
Beaphar (9024722410108)
♦ COCONUT EXTRACT BASED, CHEMICAL FREE FORMULA makes this tear stain remover a favorite for groomers and veterinarians that want to keep Mr. Snuffle's eyes completely safe. That's right, no bleach, antibiotics, or harsh chemicals. No parabens, MEA or DE