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Highlighter - STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Pastel Wallet of 4 Assorted Colours

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The STABILO brand is known for its high-quality pens and pencils. The brand is also known for its fun and colorful designs, which make its products stand out from the competition. STABILO products are popular among students and artists, who appreciate the high-quality and performance of STABILO products.
EAN 4006381492867
ID 20343347
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 4x1x4 mm
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STABILO (4006381198745 / UK/70/48-2) - Chisel Tip | Product Type, Assorted colours, Tip Type, Tip Assorted, Boss ORIGINAL, Stabilo Boss, Shape tip, Broad lines, BOSS Highlighter, BOSS Pack
The original distinctive shaped highlighter is Europe's # 1.The STABILO Anti-Dry Out Technology allows an incredibly 4 hour cap off time.The highlighter is easy to refill at anytime and anywhere.The wedged tip draws broad lines, h
STABILO (4006381198738 / UK/70/48-1) - Colour: Assorted | Product Type, Line Width, Tip Width, Boss ORIGINAL, Shape tip, Broad lines, Colours won't, Fluorescent Colours, Perfect for highlighting, Broad and fine lines
The original distinctive shaped highlighter; one of Europe's popular highlighter - STABILO Anti-Dry Out technology: 4-hour cap off time - Refillable - Wedge tip draws broad lines, highlights and underlines - The only highlighter that comes in nine fluores
Get the classic STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL shape in a fun miniature size for on the go highlighting. - Fun and practical - they are small enough to fit in your pocket or pencil case. - The STABILO Anti-Dry Out Technology allows an incredibly 4 hour cap off tim
The original vibrant highlighter and Europe's Number 1 - Line width: 2.0 - 5.0mm - Wedge tip draws broad lines, highlights and underlines - Universal, water based ink for use on most paper - STABILO anti-dry out ink technology : 4 hour cap off time
Stabilo 71/6 - Stabilo Luminator Highlighter, Case of 6Chisel tip, line width: 2.0 – 5.0 mm, not dryNo matter if you've forgotten to put the cap, water-based inkWater, view of the ink level, large Reserve inkFluid, ergonomic grip,
STABILO (4006381134934 / 275/6) - Colour: Assorted Colours - Type: Highlighters | Tip Type, Tip Width, Orange and pink, Grip zone, Pocket clip, Cap for safety, Hour cap, Swing Cool, Pocket highlighters
STABILO (4006381215770 / 70/54/10) - Colour: Orange - Chisel Tip | Product Type, Tip Type, Line Width, Boss ORIGINAL, Stabilo Boss, Shape tip, Broad lines, Colours won't, Highlighter and Europe's
STABILO (4006381214575 / 4006381214575) - Colour: Assorted - Stabilo - Highlighters - Pack size: 1 | Stabilo Boss
STABILO (4006381215756) - Colour: Red - Type: Highlighters - Chisel Tip | Ink Colour, Ink Type, Stabilo Boss, Highlighters Chisel Tip, Line Red