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Focus Multimedia Ltd (9781843266167 / FOC-ESS1047/D) - Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM - Dimensions: (H) 127mm, (W) 195mm, (D) 14mm - New ed - Focus Multimedia Ltd - In Print - ISBN: 9781843266167
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Plays on any dvd compatible device including: dvd player, xbox 360/xbox one, ps3/ps4, pc/mac - Theory Test - all the latest official dvsa revision questions for learner drivers and motorcyclists - Hazard Perception Test - Practical Driving Lessons - The O
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Plays on any DVD compatible device including: DVD player, Xbox 360/Xbox one, PS3/PS4, PC/MAC - Watch over 35 video tutorials showing how to correctly perform all routines and manoeuvres - Includes a full Mock Driving Test with examiner debrief
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Theory Test – practise all the official DVSA revision questions - Hazard Perception Test- practice interactive video clips - The Highway Code - Learn on the go - transfer the theory test voiceover to your MP3 compatible device - Know your road signs - T
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Theory Test - all the latest official DVSA revision questions for learner motorcyclists in Great Britain and Northern Ireland Sit unlimited mock tests using official DVSA revision questions covering everything you could be asked in your exam
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A mysterious Glowing Bug Man has been spotted at the Natural History Museum. Our products may not include additional material such as digital copies, online passes or downloadable promotional content. Collect enough clues and use the museum staf
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Play 15 rock tracks in the style of some of the world's greatest rock artists Real audio accompaniments and full band backing tracks to help you experience what it's like to play with other musicians and to help build performance skills Re
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FOCUS MULTIMEDIA (9781843266136 / PMOERFFOC26613) - Dimensions: 190 x 135 x 15 mm - ISBN: 9781843266136 - Focus Multimedia Ltd
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Suitable for the 2018 Hazard Perception Test Essential training for car drivers, motorcyclists, trainee ADI's and LGV/PCV drivers Practise hundreds of unique interactive video clips to help develop your skills Sit unlimited mock test
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Plays on any DVD compatible device including: DVD Player, Xbox 360/Xbox one, PS3/PS4, PC/MACOver 190 video clips to prepare you for the Official DVSA test Sit hundreds of mock Hazard Perception Tests Receive immediate feedback
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Professional planetarium software with impressive sky display and intuitive controls - position calculation and motion simulation of about 100 million stars, a million deep-sky objects and 500,000 asteroids with accurate scientific data - online access to
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Plays on any DVD compatible device including: DVD Player, Xbox 360/Xbox one, PS3/PS4, PC/MAC - Contains all the latest official DVSA revision questions for learner drivers and motorcyclists - Read the official DVSA explanations - Sit unlimited mock tests
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38 modern locomotives and engines modeled on popular British and Continental models. 81 types of wagons and freight wagons. Choose between analog and digital control systems and run multiple trains simultaneously, operation signal control and
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Focus Multimedia Ltd (9781843265894 / FM00091) - ISBN: 9781843265894 - Focus Multimedia Ltd
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Essential online training for the 2018 Theory Test Contains 3 months unlimited access to the UK's most complete online training solution for learner drivers, motorcyclists and trainee driving instructors Simply login using your web browser
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THIS IS A NEW PROGRAM VERSION! THE PROBLEM WITH COMMAS AND DECIMALS WAS SETTLED. - The program gives you an opportunity to maintain a record of your personal finance. Finally, you can clearly see your expenses and optimize them. - All income and ex
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Nero vide launcher including video tutorials and new start screen with drop zone for quick start editing and authoringnew editing modes for beginners and more advanced users: express & advanced editingeasily get to know your nero applicat
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Unlimited number of questions, the program automatically generates new questions for each session Up to 5 difficulty levels Create multiple player profiles, for you and your family Scoring, compare your score or beat your best time
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Learn everything you need to know about your instrument before beginning your exercises Interactive Bass course can be practised without previous music theory knowledge Learn at your own pace Catchy melodies to play and listen to righ
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X-Rite. Color Checker Passport is so convenient and portable. Make sure you take it with you to every shoot!
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Track money in and out and share information electronically with your accountant - View customer and supplier contact details and record till takings - Easily run Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports, as well as your bank reconciliation - Prepare VAT r