Simple and easy to use on most types of standard domestic and rechargeable batteries Helps to ensure the batteries are fully charged and ready for use Simple analogue needle display indicates the power level of the batteries Adjustabl
Professional diagnosis of battery and alternator faults.Test battery condition with as little as 1V of residual charge.Determine condition of alternator at rest and under load.LCD screen for straightforward results.No heat,
Tests 6, 12 and 24V batteries - Tube construction with thermometer for temperature compensation - Height: 373mm - Width: 117mm - Length: 53mm
Diagnosis of battery and alternator faults with the facility to print the results. - Test battery condition with as little as 1.5V of residual charge. - Checks condition of alternator, no complicated connections or interpretation required. - Analyse the v
Readings show up on clear scale - Audible continuity tester via test probes supplied - Uses PP3 battery (supplied) - Can use to test household bulbs and fuses - Accurate readings for dry CELL 1. 5V batteries (AA, AAA, C, D and button-type) - Powered by a
Ahead. Measures timpanic pressure, not tension rod torque - Abillity to repeatedly tune to a particular pitch - Tune drums accurately and evenly
Very simple fitting unit. Ideal for camper van, cars, boats, or leisure Designed to add 12v/cigarette lighter socket to car, boat, caravan, or battery Clamps directly onto your battery - Ideal for any accessory with a 12v cigarette lighter
Three in One Multi-function Tester powered by Micro Processor Includes tyre pressure gauge with function to record the readings. Select Psi, BAR or Kgs LED work light Battery Tester: Low/Mid/Full Alternator Tester: Low/Charge/Over c
Draper (5010559530908 / 53090) | Chargetests cranking
★ HIGH COMPATIBILITY: It is not only suitable for AA, AAA, C, CR123A, D, 9V, N, CR2, CRV3, 2CR5, CR-P2 cylindrical battery testing, but also good for checking a wide variety of button cell batteries★ CRISP LCD SCREEN: Easy-to-use analyzer sh
Varta (4008496680641 / 646) - Batteries required - Built-in display - LR44 - LCD - Number of batteries supported: 2 - Package depth: 25 mm - Package Height: 195 mm - Package width: 80 mm - Weight: 41 g
Checks power level of most 1.5V and 9V batteries - Also checks power level of most fuses and bulbs - Easy to read meter - 9V Battery included - Built in spare fuse compartment
GT Power (5051121234008)
Portable battery tester for alkaline and rechargeable Ni MH batteries Suitable for AA, AAA, C, D and 9V battery sizes Simple, quick and Accurate Colour: Black, Blue
Ø63 mm gauge Reading of the pressure gauge: 0 - 300 PSI, 0 - 20 k Pa)Conical Adapter Compatible with all type spark plug holes150 mm Quick Connector Straight and angled400 mm flexible hose, 10, 12, 14 and 18 mm ada
Hama (4007249740212 / 00074021) | BT2 Rechargeable Battery/Battery tester, Batteries and Rechargeable batteries, Rechargeable batteries charged, Residual voltage, Shows the residual, Voltage for batteries & Shows if Rechargeable batteries
Laserliner (4021563687879 / 083.006A) | Battery charge, Zinc Carbon, 006A Power, Battery Tester, X AAA Battery, Nickel metal hydride, Checking Battery charge, 5V Alkali, 0V E-block Alkali
Qualifies - Sees if your existing cabling has the bandwidth to support voice, 10/100, VoIP or Gigabit Ethernet - Troubleshoots - shows why existing cabling cannot support the network's bandwidth requirement.:Battery life : 20 hours of typical use, without
Suitable - Use for LiPo / LiFe / Li-ion / NiMH / Nicd / battery, it can also display the voltage of each cell, so you know when they need to be balanced. - LCD - The screen displays highest and lowest voltage of cells and the difference between highest lo
Get super-smooth compression and endless sustain This behringer product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market Compress loud and boost low signals without degrading the original sound Dedicated l
Skytronic (5015972042434 / 690.393)
Multifunction:COOWOO smart digital USB meter can be used to test voltage, ampere, capacity, electric energy, power, recording charging time etc. With 0.96" LCD display, making it easy to monitor the charge voltage and current of your digital USB device
A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR MESSY DRAWER : Have you ever felt that everytime you open the drawer, it looks messy and hard to find what you need ? If the answer is yes, this battery stroage case is what your are looking for ! It can store and keep your batteries
A BOX THAT HOLDS 102 BATTERIES: Take battery organization to the next level AA battery organizer that stores even more. 48pcs AA, 24pcs AAA, 8pcs D Cell and 10pcs C Cell, 8pcs 9V battery and 4 batteries button. - KEEP YOUR DRAWERS NEAT - A battery organiz
HIGH COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for AA, AAA, C, D, 9V PP3 batteries, 1.5V and 3V button cells - CLEAR DIGITAL DISPLAY: Easy-to-use showing what you need to know about the battery health: Good, Weak or Poor - QUICK RESULTS: Simply place your battery, observin
UV BLACK LIGHT; Aid in the Detection of Forged Bank Notes COMPACT; Size 160mm x 55mm x 23mm IDEAL; For Taxi Drivers, Market Traders and any other Mobile Business Traders who Handle Cash POWER SOURCE; 4 x AA Batteries,Great for people
Standard 110mm square Clipper case. High contrast LCD, backlit for night viewing - Minimum voltage visual alarm - Simple operation
Ring Automotive (5055175215990 / RBA3) | Buzzer features, Buzzers measure
Goobay (4040849462467 / 46246) | AAA Battery, Battery Tester, Battery Tester with LCD, Goobay Battery Tester, LCD Battery Tester, Battery in the Tester
Skytronic (8214887125646 / sky690.402)
4000001 - Can be used with Alkaline, Ni Cd/Ni MH batteries - All examinations different batteries - Thickness: The meter tester - 1 – Batteries can be tested