Hozelock 7606 0000 Garden Jet Pump (Image 1)
Hozelock 7606 0000 Garden Jet Pump (Image 2)
Hozelock 7606 0000 Garden Jet Pump (Main image)

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Brand Hozelock Ltd

Hozelock Ltd. is a British brand that specializes in manufacturing and selling garden tools and equipment. The company was founded in 1948 by two brothers, and has since become a leading supplier of gardening products in the UK and beyond. Some of Hozelock's most popular products include hose pipes, sprinklers, and watering cans.
EAN 5010646059398
MPN Hozelock Ltd 7606 0000
ID 21351982
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 19.18 kg
Dimensions 15x12x19 mm
Key Features
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Stay cool and refreshed with the Hozelock 4140A0000 PortaShower. This 610.0 mm*60.0 mm*170.0 mm shower is perfect for camping, outdoor activities, or just to keep you feeling fresh on hot days!
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