Hultafors Swedish Axe Griding Stone with Leather Pouch (Image 1)
Hultafors Swedish Axe Griding Stone with Leather Pouch (Main image)

Hultafors Swedish Axe Griding Stone with Leather Pouch

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03-06-2022 06:45

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Tags Grit 840792 Hultafors Axe Grinding Hultafors Swedish Axe Stone with Leather Hultafors HUL840792 Axe Hultafors 840792 Axe Sharpener 600
Brand Hultafors
Hultafors is a Swedish brand that produces high-quality knives, axes, and other tools. The company has a long history of producing quality tools, and its products are known for their durability and precision. Hultafors tools are popular among outdoors enthusiasts and professionals alike, and the brand has a reputation for quality and innovation.
MPN Hultafors DFJPYZ58
EAN 7391408407922
Model Hultafors DFJPYZ58
ID 8856841
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 4x2x6 mm
Key Features
Weight 0.2300
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-30 % today only
Hultafors AL30 30m/ 100ft Aluminium Chalk Line
18.86 GBP
13.11 GBP
Chalk line in cast powder coated aluminium housing with sliding filler cover The line is 1 mm in diameter and has a rupture limit of 16 kg Length: 30m
-31 % today only
Hultafors 602900 Trekkers Little Help Hunting Outdoor Knife
22.88 GBP
15.84 GBP
TREKKERS LITTLE HELP - The Hultafors TREKKER ́S LITTLE HELPER is a useful companion for those who appreciate being on the go in the wild. - It is a practical protection for the thighs and knees when carving with the knife or axe. - Can be used as a base
-11 % today only
Hultafors 390295 Heavy-Duty Chisel
110.50 GBP
97.96 GBP
Hultafors (7317843902952 / HULHDC4)
-18 % today only
Hultafors 209SB25 Steel Adjustable Wrecking Bar
107.95 GBP
88.32 GBP
Wide, ground contact surfaces and thin ends make it easy to use in narrow spaces and reduce the risk of leaving marks - Made of high quality steel with ergonomic rubber-clad handle - The claw is optimised for pulling out nails - Adjustable claw in 9 steps
-31 % today only
Hultafors 390123 AR390123 Outcannel Gouge OGC r8, Black/Purple
22.03 GBP
15.18 GBP
Hultafors (7317843901214 / 390123) | Outcannel Carving Gouge 8mm, Outcannel Carving Gouge, Outcannel Gouge OGC
-12 % today only
Hultafors 824021 Wrecking Bar Steel 109 TD/25, Silver/red
71.62 GBP
62.95 GBP
It has three different functions that are optimised for pulling out nails Made from hardened, high-alloy boron steel Length: 64cm
-30 % today only
Hultafors GV Mitre Square
27.08 GBP
19.04 GBP
Gives an automatic right angle - Manufactured in fibreglass reinforced nylon - For both internal and external angles - Easy to use - Durable
-3 % today only
Hultafors 380060 RFR Craftmans Knife Stainless RTR
8.21 GBP
7.95 GBP
Knife developed and adapted to meet the needs of craftsmen Blade is made from stainless Japanese knife steel Blade is hardened to 57-59 HRCThe handle and holster are made from super-durable polypropylene plastic Thickness of bl
-23 % today only
Hultafors 109SBADJ 60cm 1700g Adjustable Wrecking Bar
79.99 GBP
61.55 GBP
Manufactured of hardened, high-alloy boron Easy to use in narrow spaces Reduce the risk of leaving marks Claw is optimised for pulling out nails Increased accessibility and better work posture
-31 % today only
Hultafors TVP25 250mm Torpedo Spirit Level
12.25 GBP
8.51 GBP
Tolerance in normal position is ±1.0 mm/m The anti-static properties of the liquid means that the bubble is not affected by static electricity Length: 25cm
-35 % today only
Hultafors Tool Bucket
21.50 GBP
13.98 GBP
Hultafors (7317845901014 / TB-15) - Weight: 0.940000 | Hultafors Tool Bucket, Tool Bucket
-14 % today only
Hultafors C600L 900g Large T-Block Combi Deadblow Hammer
37.75 GBP
32.61 GBP
Ergonomically designed - Increases precision and reduces strain - Head is filled with small steel bearings - Made from steel with the ergonomically designed rubber grip - Extra balance and control