Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint (Image 1)
Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint (Main image)

Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint - Smooth Dark Green Finish 750ML

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03-06-2022 05:36

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Tags Dark Green Metal Paint Metal Paint 750ml Direct to Rust Smooth Dark Green Green 750ml Dark Green 750ml Hammerite Direct To Smooth Finish Metal Paint Dark Green 750ml
Brand Hammerite
Hammerite is a brand of paint that is designed to protect metal surfaces from corrosion and rust. It is available in a range of colours, and can be used on both indoor and outdoor metal surfaces. Hammerite paint is easy to apply, and is known for its long-lasting protection.
EAN 5011867009346
Model Hammerite 5092825
MPN Hammerite 5092825
ID 4854428
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 1.65 kg
Dimensions 4x4x5 mm
Key Features
Weight 0.8100
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Hammerite 5092953 Underbody Seal Tin 2.5Ltr
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18.09 GBP
HMMUBS25L Underbody Seal has the following specifications:Pack type: Tin.Size: 2.5 litres.UK's No 1 Hand and Power Tool Seller BEST BRANDS AT BEST PRICESPremium Product
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Hammerite 5092954 Underbody Seal 600ml Aerosol
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Hammerite (5011867114088 / 5092954) - Size: 600ml - Weight: 58 (g) | Floor panels, Underbody Seal, Hammerite Underbody Seal, Against stones, Water and salt, Against further corrosion, Waxoyl 600ml
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Hammerite HAM6711403 1L Underbody Seal Tin
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Hammerite (5011867114033 / 5092952) - Colour name: Black - Solvent-based - Matt - Package depth: 115 mm - Package Height: 123 mm - Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s) - Volume: 1000 ml - Size: 1 Litre - Weight: 1017 (g) | Floor panels
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Hammerite 5092946 Underbody Seal Schutz 1Ltr
13.90 GBP
12.71 GBP
Hammerite (5011867100302 / 5092946) - Size: 1 Litre - Weight: 1000 (g) | Floor panels, Underbody Seal, Protection for areas, Litre Hammerite Waxoyl, Surface against further corrosion
7.28 GBP
Heavy-duty automotive protection For high impact areas Excellent corrosion resistance Super smooth application Will not crack or peel