Wall-mounted, fold away design for patios, gardens, balconies or utility rooms Effortless one-handed operation - with a single movement you have 24 metres taut clothes lines at your disposal Retractable line can take a full washing machine
18 m of drying space Double use thanks to its detachable wing that can be hung on the radiator or balcony Thick central wires that prevent creases on your laundry Sturdy and steady thanks to the extra safe and stable table legs
Ultra heavy-duty 4 arm dryer Easy clean steel core line Strong main support pole Durable galvanised steel construction
integrated footwear holdereast tyo move with wheels on feetstrong bars for clothes to hang fromexpands to suitavailable drying space Addis Branded
Easy and compact storage, foldable arms Stable horizontal attachment, cleverly designed adjustable arms for narrow doors Easy to adjust smart lock remembers last setting Ideal for small in between jobs Less chance of damage to t
DOES IT BE A BISH MORE? This clothes airer has 33 rails on 2 levels for drying fresh laundry and 27 sock clips. In addition, the upper wings can be adjusted in height, so that you can hang even long garments Oven-proof: of course, this clothes dr
23 m capacity - a full machine load of laundry on a single square meter Easy to fold out and to adjust the drying wings Drying platform - suitable for drying of delicate laundry Transport lock - easy to move even when fully loaded wit
Sturdy and stable drying rack for use indoors or outside Total drying length of 18 metres, providing space for two full loads with opening sides that don't collapse when moving the dryer Includes holder clips for hanging small items such as
Leifheit. The 93 cm high extendable wings also allow long laundry items to be dried - Dryer fits into a standard bath to save space - Convenient and narrow for smaller homes where space is at a premium
MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Bamboo rod hangs up to 16 hangers and 2 adjustable shelves allow you to store shoes, boxes, bags etc. - The two bar ends can be used for hanging hats, dresses, tops, bags or even jewellery - Strong structure and made of corrosion resistan
MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Bamboo rod hangs up to 28 hangers and 2 adjustable shelves allow you to store shoes, boxes, bags etc.The two bar ends can be used for hanging hats, dresses, tops, bags or even jewellery Strong structure and made of corrosi
Airing rack with 20 m of drying length, ideal for a full machine load Suitable for laundry items of all sizes thanks to its adjustable wings Includes a shelf which is for drying delicate laundry flat Comes with a Brabantia 5 year guar
✅Ideal for indoor use for display clothes, socks, towel drying and airing, storing clothes in spare bedrooms & lofts✅Come with 6 PP universal wheels, which 2 are lockable✅Commodity shelf with adjustable height, and can be folded
Leifheit Pegasus 200 Solid Deluxe Airer mobile clothes with wheels. Robust and stable drying rack with two wheel rollers to facilitate the movement with a 360 turn; extensible side wings that do not collapse when the dryer is moved
4 arms45 m drying line32 mm support pole2.95 m turning diameter
The washing lines can be tensioned so they always remain taut - Separate washing lines on each circuit, if one breaks you dont have to replace all the lines - 4 robust steel arms which turn smoothly even when fully loaded with wet washing - Robust & durab
15 metres of drying space - 4 additional hooks to hang clothes hangers - Non slip feet to prevent any scratching on hard floors - Sturdy steel frame, Space saving and compact when folded - Note: The dryer will hold upto 15kg of laundry
20 metres of drying space to easily dry your laundry - Extra thick wires allow for less creases on garments - Steady and sturdy steel frame with safety mechanism to avoid accidental closure - Complete with a holder for small items and wheels to easily mov
Banic InnovaGoods Multi-Insect Indoor Model Anti-Mosquito Bracelet - INNOVAGOODS Banic InnovaGoods Rechargeable Ultrasound Anti-Mosquito Bracelet - INNOVAGOODS. The products of this brand are made from the highest quality materials.
Addis (5010303146706 / 514445) | Drying space, Addis Deluxe, Tier Airer, Metallic Aqua, Drying and ironing
The Vileda Extra Clothes Airer offers generous drying capacities for up to 2 loads of washing on 20 m of linen with additional small parts holder for socks or underwear. - The extra thick drying bars of the Vileda Extra dryer prevent creasing in your laun
Addis (5010303132198 / 508154) | Corner hooks for hangers
Indoor & Outdoor Use: The compact size and robust nature of this collapsible clothes drying rack means it can be placed anywhere, both indoors and outdoors - Large surface: This large drying space laundry drying rack has 8 rails with a total drying length
SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: The over bath airer hooks onto your bath to provide 7.5 m of space to dry your clothes indoors, ideal for houses with limited floor space - ADJUSTABLE SIDES: Its two sides can be folded out and adjusted to perfectly fit your bathtub's
FunkyBuys (5015332700110) | Heat resistant, Low odour, Radiator Enamel Gloss, Low odour water
9.5 m of drying space - Adjustable for flat drying, ideal for drying delicate fabrics - Secure feet provide grip to bath - Folds flat for easy storage - Holds one wash load
Width adjustable depending on washing load - Space saving over bath airer - total capacity up to 18.5 m/60 feet - Locking mechanism holds dryer open at required angle - Can also be locked flat to lean against balcony etc - Rust free and easy to store away
Multi-position arms – Long items of laundry are dried easily on this drying rack due to adjustable wing style dryer from 94-140 cm - Rustproof – Clothes horse is made from a plastic coated material making it weather-proof and clothes airers indoor str
Versatile drying – Compact wall mounted extendable clothes airer for installation over a bath, radiator, utility, balcony or in the garage - Easy to open – Clothes horse dryer opens by pulling it out from the wall like an accordion, to air clothes and
3 m metal hanging clothes dryer with 15 kg capacity High quality and high temperature resistant handles, easily cleaned with duster or damp cloth Adjustable compact design hooks onto any standard wall mounted radiator as well as bathtubs an
Large drying space: On this large drying rack clothes have space to dry over 3 tiers with a length of 27 m - Sturdy and robust: Made of rustproof materials with chip-resistant paint, this sturdy clothes dryer rack also offers great stability - Folding she
Up to 9.5 metres drying capacity, extra slim 3 tier concertina design - Compact size ideal for small living spaces, folds away for storage - 4 clothes hanger holders and an easy-action foot release mechanism - Made from silver coated tubular steel with bl