Intex 58472 Swimming Pool Rigid Barrier 244 x 46 cm (Image 1)
Intex 58472 Swimming Pool Rigid Barrier 244 x 46 cm (Image 2)
Intex 58472 Swimming Pool Rigid Barrier 244 x 46 cm (Image 3)
Intex 58472 Swimming Pool Rigid Barrier 244 x 46 cm (Image 4)
Intex 58472 Swimming Pool Rigid Barrier 244 x 46 cm (Image 5)
Intex 58472 Swimming Pool Rigid Barrier 244 x 46 cm (Main image)

Intex 58472 Swimming Pool Rigid Barrier 244 x 46 cm

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Tags Paddling Pool Intex Dinoland Play Play Center Intex 57135NP Dinoland Play Center Paddling Inflatable Play Centre Intex Dinoland Playcentre Intex Dinoland Water Intex Dinoland Kids Intex 58472 Swimming
Brand Intex

Intex is a brand that produces a wide range of products, including swimming pools, air mattresses, and other inflatable products. The company is headquartered in India, and has a wide international presence. Intex is known for its high-quality, affordable products.
MPN Intex 58472
EAN 6941057402505
ID 21861866
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 8.27 kg
Dimensions 7x19x7 mm
Key Features
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Item Package Weight: 1.2 kg - Item Package Length: 7.0cm - Item Package Width: 23.0cm - Item Package Height: 24.5cm