Kärcher 6.904-305.0 Fleece Filter Bag for CV 30/1, CV 38/1 (Image 1)
Kärcher 6.904-305.0 Fleece Filter Bag for CV 30/1, CV 38/1 (Main image)

Kärcher 6.904-305.0 Fleece Filter Bag for CV 30/1, CV 38/1

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Tags Filter Bag Fleece Bag for CV 30 CV 38 Filter Bag Fleece 10
Brand KAER5
KAER5 is a brand that specializes in making high-quality, sustainable fashion. The brand is known for its use of natural materials and for its commitment to producing environmentally friendly products.
EAN 4039784050181
Model KAER5 6.904-305.0
MPN KAER5 6.904-305.0
ID 10147888
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Pack size Pack of 10
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Kärcher 62957610 Insect Remover
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Kärcher 2.643-907.0 Full Control 3-in-1 Multi Jet for K7 Plus-MJ 180, Black,
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