Kärcher 2.641-709.0 Hose Extension 6 m K 2 (Image 1)
Kärcher 2.641-709.0 Hose Extension 6 m K 2 (Image 2)
Kärcher 2.641-709.0 Hose Extension 6 m K 2 (Image 3)
Kärcher 2.641-709.0 Hose Extension 6 m K 2 (Main image)

Kärcher 2.641-709.0 Hose Extension 6 m K 2 - K 7

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Tags 6 m K K 7
Brand Kärcher

Kärcher is a German brand that produces high-pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, and other cleaning equipment. The company was founded in 1950 by Alfred Kärcher, and it has since become a leading producer of cleaning equipment worldwide.
Model Kärcher 2.641-709.0
MPN Kärcher 2.641-709.0
EAN 4039784296275
ID 1943997
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 1.39 kg
Dimensions 1x24x1 mm
Key Features
Pack size Each
Weight 0.751 kg
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-66 % today only
Kärcher 26431000 5 m Suction Hose and Filter for Pressure Washer Accessory, White, Yellow
55.02 GBP
18.48 GBP
Kärcher (4039784843080 / 26431000) - Each - Weight: 0.704 kg | Pressure washer, Suction hose, Karcher SH, Valve 5m, Non Return Valve, K4 K5 K6, 5m Suction
-72 % today only
Kärcher 62957650 3-in-1 Stone Plug and Clean
33.00 GBP
9.19 GBP
Kärcher (4039784712300 / 62957650) - Pack size: 1 Litre - Weight: 1.1 kg | Pressure washer, Stone Cleaner 3-in-1 Plug, Stone Cleaner, Karcher Plug, Clean 3-in-1 Stone, Facade 3-in-1 Plug, Paving Cleaner, Karcher Stone & Stone cleaning Detergent
-74 % today only
Nilfisk Pipe Cleaning Attachment for Pressure Washers – Compatible with Nilfisk Pressure Washers – Ideal for Drain Clogs and Cleaning
140.17 GBP
36.74 GBP
Fits directly to the gun on all Nilfisk Pressure washers - ideal for clearing blocked drains, pipes or rain gutters. The end of the cleaner has a special pulsing nozzle that directs the high pressure water jet backwards, pushing the nozzl
-40 % today only
Stihl Genuine 5605 007 1027 Stihl Filing Kit for 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch Picco Chain
22.67 GBP
13.55 GBP
-21 % today only
Kärcher 62957570 3-in-1 Wood Plug and Clean Pressure Washer Detergent
7.29 GBP
5.79 GBP
Kärcher (4039784712171 / 62957570) - Pack size: 1 Litre - Weight: 1.1 kg | Karcher Plug, Water resistant, Karcher Pressure Washer, Wooden surfaces, Scout Knife, Clean 3-in-1, Karcher 3-in-1 wood Cleaner & 3-in-1 formula
-19 % today only
Karcher 26451450 50m 1/2-inch Primonflex Plus Garden Hose
46.91 GBP
37.99 GBP
This 50m Primo Flex Plus Hose is the perfect addition to your gardening and outdoor maintenance kit. It has a three-layer construction with the UV-proof outer layer of the Primo Flex Plus Hose ensuring protection from the elements. M
6.99 EUR
13.98 GBP
Fits the following Flymo machines: Flymo Garden Vac 1500 Plus, Garden Vac 1600 Plus, Garden Vac 1800 Turbo, Garden Vac 2200 Turbo, Garden Vac 2500 Turbo, Garden Vac Plus and Garden Vac 2700 Turbo Original replacement shredding lines for your Flymo Garde
22.49 EUR
Operating pressure max. 3 bar Filling capacity 5 litres Brass spray lance Brass nozzle Sturdy plastic container
41.47 EUR
New XHOSE Extendable garden hose from 75 feet to 3 times its size self retraction not twist. The original patented expansion hose. It is easy to store and has universal accessories. XHose with its new and improved con
6.99 EUR
Kärcher. All round cleaner for the home, garden and vehicle - Removes oil, grease and typical dirt - Pratical 1l plug & clean container
0.00 GBP
Forest. Manufactured from fsc certified timber from sustainable sources. - 10 year anti-rot manufacturer&apos - Dip treated finish which can be painted to a colour of your child&apos - Our Parsley Cottage Playhouse is an idyllic children&apos

-41 % today only
Kärcher Window Vac Extension Pole for All Kärcher Window Vac Models
58.91 GBP
34.99 GBP
Kärcher Window Vac Post Extension for all window models Kärcher window. Karcher telescopic extension pole kit to expand your window cleaning area vac. Telescopic posts extend from 1.2m to 2m. Fast and time savin
-30 % today only
Global Gizmos 50280 Microwave Unicorn Wheat Pillow, Lavender
13.69 GBP
9.54 GBP
Kärcher (4039784518926 / 2.633-002.0) | Window vac, Karcher window, Suction Nozzle 170mm, Karcher Window Vac, Mm Suction Head, Karcher Small Suction Head, 170mm Suction, WV60 and WV70, Karcher Suction Nozzle & Window Vac KAR26330020
-30 % today only
Spool LTR 18 Battery
9.99 GBP
6.99 GBP
Twisted Cord – Precise, quiet and reliable – all this is guaranteed with the twisted cord. - Automatic Cord Supply – The cutting line is automatically readjusted and is therefore always the perfect length. - Coil can be changed tool-free – A few s
-23 % today only
Karcher 2.645-019.0 20.0 x 24.8 x 10.0 cm RS130/3 Sprinkler
18.69 GBP
14.45 GBP
Thr rotating sprinkler RS 130/3 is ideal for watering medium-sized areas and gardens covering up to 133 m2.
-28 % today only
Kärcher 2.863-145.0 Nozzle Tool, Black
15.89 GBP
11.49 GBP
Handy car vacuuming tool for maximum cleaning performance Simply connect the tool to the hose Handy tool for efficiently cleaning footmats, seats and boot carpeting
-27 % today only
Kärcher 4. 762-010.0-blasting Regulation device
367.97 GBP
269.90 GBP
Kärcher (4002667076615 / 4.762-010.0) - Each
-10 % today only
Kärcher Hand nozzle
94.20 GBP
84.99 GBP
Kärcher (4002667343212 / 41301160) - Country of origin: IT - Size: 350 x 110 x 90 - Weight: 0.23kg | Karcher Puzzi, Puzzi 8/1c
-26 % today only
Kärcher 18v Cordless Chainsaw CNS 18-30, bar length: 30 cm, automatic chain lubrication, kickback protection, power: max. 35-70 cuts, can be used with Kärcher 18v battery, without rechargeable battery
256.29 GBP
189.40 GBP
Battery Universe – Use the same battery for the complete range of 18V Kärcher Battery products. - Monitor Battery Usage – An LCD display keeps you informed on how much battery charge you have left. - The Perfect Cut – A 30cm Oregon bar and chain ac
-5 % today only
Kärcher TLA 4 Telescopic Spray Lance High Pressure Washer Accessory, Black
102.88 GBP
97.99 GBP
Kärcher (4054278684086 / 2.644-190.0) | Smart Control, Universal Edition, Power control, Premium Full Control, Control Car, Compact Car, Premium Smart Control, Telescopic spray lance, Gun can be easily & Cleaning of areas
-1 % today only
Kärcher Brass 2-Way Hose Connector
4.99 GBP
4.95 GBP
Robust: Brass construction for extended life. - Universal: Compatible with all available click systems. - Convenient: For connecting 2 hoses together.
-34 % today only
Kärcher 14440200 Tlo 18-32 Cordless Battery Lopper
181.99 GBP
119.99 GBP
Battery Universe – Use the same battery for the complete range of 18V Kärcher Battery products. - Monitor Battery Usage – An LCD display keeps you informed on how much battery charge you have left. - Powerful Cutting Performance – This machine make