Odour & Stain Removers

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Natural and harmless product that eliminates the ammonia smell of cat and rodent urines - Apply frequently to the sand of the cat's hygienic tray and to the bed of the rodent cages. - Use in the animal environment
Simple Solution. Safe for use on carpets. upholstery, bedding, clothing and any other water-safe surfaces. - Handy Trigger spray action for easy and targeted use.
Tyrol (3281014762178 / 18448) | Litter deodorizer, Guaranteed asbestos-free
This litter-deodorizing powder Sanitizes your pet's litter Eliminates bad odors Leaves a pleasant, fresh smell300g
Ladybel (3553330101123 / CREJOJ200ML)
Kills 99% of harmful bacteria - Greatly reduce nasty odours - Simply sprinkle onto cat litter for all day freshness
Versele-Laga (5410340607053 / A-17295) | Deodo Apple
It absorbs bacteria and toxic fumes that cause bad odors. No perfume, no allergen, letting you burn your rooms however you want. Not dangerous: safe around children, pets, aquatic life and plants. It eliminates the cause of attraction of insects a
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Simple Solution Cat Stain & Odour Remover is the only formula which contains both Pro-Bacteria and enzymes which effectively remove stains and odours.Simple Solution is completely safe for use around pets and children.The formula has been
Keeps litter tray smalling fresh and clean.Pack of 2High quality carbon impregnated polyester insert removes odours from the litter pan.
Sealed in a protective foil pouch for optimal performance Non-toxic, lightweight and compact2 small pads last 1 month Absorbs ammonia up to 80%Reduces other foul odours up to 50%
Designed for use in the odour removing litter box Pre-filter captures large particles including litter dust, dander and fur Odour-filter targets and eliminates ammonia-based odour Filter sets lasts up to 8 weeks Easy to replace
Absorbent cat litter7Kg pack High absorption and easy cleaning Catch the odors
Strawberry Orange Lemonade litter box fragrance - perfect for neutralizing odors Long lasting scent in a handy spray bottle to help freshen up your home Spray twice daily over the litter box and throughout room to deodorize and freshen the
Savic (5411388033651 / 33650000) | Antibacterial and antifungal ingredient
Absorbent Eliminates odours Bactericidal
Absorbent Eliminates odours Bactericidal
Simple Solution (0010279912201 / 24281) | Cat Stain
Oropharma (5410340605752) | Litter tray, Cat litter tray, Laga Deodo, Deodo Flower
Aime (3281018330618 / 833061) | Aime Cat Litter, Marine Fresh
Fits every litter box - Absorbs ammonia up to 80% - Reduces other foul odours up to 50% - Reusable plastic holder - Adhesive sticker to hold the cartridge in place
neutralises unpleasant odours - Baby Powder - freshens room air - Prolongs the time the litter can be used
Neutralises cat litter odour - Herbal fresh fragrance and keeps the area around the cat litter tray fresh and clean smelling - Suitable for use on all types of cat litter
Removes urine smells and staines, gets urine off - Helps deter repeat marking - Uses friendly bacteria to actively eliminate uric acid and salts that cause urine odour - Is fast acting and does not rely on the use of masking agents or hazardous chemicals
Febreze with Odourclear technology cleans away odours and leaves a light fresh scent - It cleans away tough lingering pet odours and leaves a light fresh scent - Doesn't mask but truly cleans away odours and freshens all the hard to wash fabrics - Dermato