Look Who's Talking 1-3 Movie Collection [DVD]

Tristar Pictures (5035822806849) - Amy Heckerling, Tom Ropelewski - Duration: 261 mins | Items as soon, Aim to dispatch, Via Royal Mail, Items are in stock, We’ll aim to dispatch, Items that are dispatched & Who' s Talking

Look Who's Talking 1-3 Movie Collection [DVD] (Image 1)
Look Who's Talking 1-3 Movie Collection [DVD] (Main image)

Chris Bruce
04-05-2023 05:09

We are extremely happy with our purchase of this set. It includes all three movies in one case and the quality is excellent, especially considering the price. We hadn't watched these movies in a long time, so it was a great opportunity for a fun family movie night.

Richard B
05-04-2023 01:17

I've been searching for this boxset ever since the first one got scratched and the second one went missing. I absolutely adore the first two movies, although I wasn't as fond of the third one. However, these films are definitely worth watching. The voice acting by Travolta, Alley, and Willis is superb, and their performances are excellent overall. Watching these movies takes me back to my childhood and teenage years when my family would gather for movie nights. They are a fantastic source of comedy entertainment.

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Tags Who's Talking 1-3
Brand Tristar Pictures
EAN 5035822806849
ID 1966367
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Directors Amy Heckerling, Tom Ropelewski
Duration 261 mins
Number of discs 3
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