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MagnetMod MAGSNOOT Battery

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03-06-2022 06:38

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Tags MagnetMod MAGSNOOT Battery
Brand MagMod
EAN 0854211005138
Model MagMod MMSNOOT01
ID 8320428
Dimensions / Weight
Key Features
Camera brands compatibility Universeel
Colour Zwart
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-13 % today only
MagMod MagBeam Tele Lens
22.99 GBP
19.99 GBP
Designed for use with the MAGMOD MAGBEAMIncreases effective Flash output by 2-3 stops Enables you to get more reach from your flash.Ideal for Wildlife photography Box Content: Mag Mod Tele Lens for Magbeam x 1
-17 % today only
MagMod MagMasks Standard Set
35.99 GBP
29.99 GBP
MagMod (0854211005244 / MMMASKST01)
-5 % today only
MagMod MagMask Pattern 2
41.99 GBP
39.99 GBP
MagMod (0854211005268 / MagMask Pattern 2)
-17 % today only
MagMod MagMask Pattern 1
35.99 GBP
29.99 GBP
MagMod (0854211005251 / MMMASKPA01)
-1 % today only
MagMod MagGel Holder for MagMod's Standard, Creative, and Artistic Gel Sets
26.99 GBP
26.72 GBP
Quick and simple to use.Each Mag Mod 2 modifier has two strong neodymium embedded magnets.Designed from the Ground up to be completely modular.The fastest and easiest way to attach gels to your speedlite.Box Content: Mag Mod M
-8 % today only
MAGMOD MAGBEAM WIDE LENS Location Photography lighting accessories Modifiers
24.99 GBP
22.99 GBP
MagMod (0854211005282 / 854211005282) | Wide lens, Lens counterpart
-21 % today only
MagMod MagGels Creative Gel Set
33.95 GBP
26.99 GBP
MagMod (0854211005220 / MMCRGEL02) - Universeel
29.99 GBP
Fits Most On-Camera Flashes.Stretches for Secure Grip to Flash Head.Small Opening for Transmitter.Made of Silicone Rubber Material.Box Content: Mag Mod Transmitter Bands x 3.
87.95 GBP
Features a Fresnel Lens which produces a more focused light - Increases the effective light output of your speedlite by up to 2-3 stops - Made from Durable Silicone Rubber & Uses Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnetic to Mount to your Speelite - Can be used in con