Maiden England '88 [2LP Limited Edition Picture Disc] [VINYL]

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Maiden England '88 [2LP Limited Edition Picture Disc] [VINYL] (Image 2)
Maiden England '88 [2LP Limited Edition Picture Disc] [VINYL] (Main image)
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Michiyo B
09-03-2023 10:48

When I was fifteen, I idolized Iron Maiden despite my teenage insecurities. This CD holds a special place in my Maiden collection, although I may have exaggerated its recording quality in my memory. I was fortunate enough to score great tickets and stood near the front, creating a lasting impression that feels as vivid as if it happened yesterday. However, it's important to note that this live album doesn't quite measure up to the legendary "Live after Death" (which is hard to surpass) or even "Beast over Hammersmith."

07-03-2023 12:58

The live Iron Maiden LP is fantastic, especially since it's a picture disk. Some people claim that picture disks have poor sound quality, but I personally found it to be just fine. It can be compared to the original live LP "Live After Death," but I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you're a fan of Iron Maiden, this is definitely a must-buy.

01-10-2022 08:10

This comment discusses a live recording of Iron Maiden's Seventh Tour of a Seventh Tour, which was recorded in late 1988 at the NEC Birmingham. While it is not considered their best live album (Live After Death holds that title), it provides a decent representation of the band's performance during this period. This particular release features Adrian Smith on guitar, who would soon leave the band. Without him, Iron Maiden faced challenges in reaching the same level of success with their future releases. The double picture disc format adds to its appeal and makes it a worthwhile addition to any Iron Maiden collection, although not necessarily essential.

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