Moleskine Folio Watercolour Notebook A4 (Image 1)
Moleskine Folio Watercolour Notebook A4 (Image 2)
Moleskine Folio Watercolour Notebook A4 (Image 3)
Moleskine Folio Watercolour Notebook A4 (Image 4)
Moleskine Folio Watercolour Notebook A4 (Image 5)
Moleskine Folio Watercolour Notebook A4 (Image 6)
Moleskine Folio Watercolour Notebook A4 (Main image)

Moleskine Folio Watercolour Notebook A4

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Tags Hard Cover Moleskine Folio BLACK HARD COVER Watercolour Album MOLESKINE ARTBOOK Moleskine Folio Watercolour Moleskine A4 Watercolour
Brand Moleskine

Moleskine is a brand of notebooks and planners that originated in France in the early 1800s. The notebooks are known for their high-quality paper and simple, elegant design.
EAN 9788862931946
MPN Moleskine S31946
ID 24574460
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 1.46 kg
Dimensions 1x12x9 mm
Key Features
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Moleskine Folio Watercolour Notebook A3
49.00 GBP
21.56 GBP
Moleskine (9788862931977 / S31977) | Moleskine Folio, 200gsm paper
26.92 GBP
18.13 GBP
A pocket-format, 12-month weekly Petit Prince yellow notebook diary.14 x 9 cm.144 acid-free, ruled pages.Hard-cover with rounded edges and an elastic enclosure.
4.58 GBP
Moleskine (8058341715901 / DSB12WN2Y19) | She really, Maeve on Slanbeg, Orpen to her
11.27 GBP
Moleskine's 18-month weekly diary in Black from July 2018 to December 201914 x 9 cm Includes acid-free pages and an expandable inner pocket.
8.95 EUR
Pages: 228Binding: Imitation leather Dimensions: 5.60 x 3.70 x 0.70 inches Weight: 0.45 lbs
13.83 GBP
Hard and Soft cover Rounded corners Elastic closure
35.00 EUR
Moleskine (9788883708435 / S08435)
3.99 GBP
19.99 GBP
13.32 GBP
17.99 GBP
Moleskine (8058341716946 / DHP12WN2Y19) - MOLESKINE | Harry Potter, Inner Pocket, Loss' label