SALE Nuxe Multi Purpose Dry Oil Face Body Hair 50 ml (Image 1)
SALE Nuxe Multi Purpose Dry Oil Face Body Hair 50 ml (Main image)

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Tags Skin and hair Body Oil Nuxe HUILE PRODIGIEUSE HUILE PRODIGIEUSE Strengthens hair
Brand Nuxe

Nuxe is a French skincare and cosmetics brand founded by Aliza Jabes and her husband in 1991. The brand is best known for its range of natural and organic skincare products, which are free from parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals. Nuxe products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide.
EAN 3264680009761
ID 18627829
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 1x4x2 mm
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Age group Adult
Gender Female
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Lait après-soleil visage et corps. - Appliquer sur peau sèche après la toilette sur tout le corps. - Flacon de 400ml.
Nuxe (3264680025532 / 19715_20537)
Nuxe (3264680005305 / NU5305) | Item display, PRODIGIEUX Le PARFUM, Aroma of the sun, Sensual essence, Absolute warmth, Gives it absolute
Nuxe (3264680009488 / 3264680009488) | Fragrance notes
Stick hydratant, nourrissant, réparateur et protecteur, pour les lèvres sèches et gercées. - Appliquer aussi souvent que nécessaire. - Lot de 3 sticks de 4g.
Nuxe (3264680022012 / Nuxe) | Nuxe Body, Revitalising Shower Gel 200ml
Fragrance: Eau de Toilette - Weight: 30 milliliters - Eau de Toilette female 30 milliliters
Nourishes, repairs and beautifies your skin - Can be applied on face, body and hair - Great for all seasons
Nuxe (3264680015502 / 3264680015502) | Eau De Parfum, De Parfum, Natural origin, LE MATIN DES POSSIBLES
Ultra-nourishing - The lips are flexible, soft and smooth - Repairs and relieves the most damaged and desiccated lips
Nuxe (3264680009778 / NUX00063) | Skin and hair, Body Oil, Natural origin, Nuxe HUILE PRODIGIEUSE, HUILE PRODIGIEUSE, Golden particles, Particles of natural origin