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Achieve expert results at an affordable price with a powerful set of built-in design tools - delivers the control and precision professional engineers and designers require with an expansive collection of professional 2D drafting tools - Transform your pr
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Adobe. Create fun dynamic slideshows with curated photos and short clips - Get step-by-step help with artistic techniques and creative effects - Making precise photo selections has never been easier-just drag and it's done
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Enjoy blazingly fast image editing and illustration - Leverage dozens of time-saving enhancements in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design, without compromising quality or control - Expand your design repertoire--break new creative ground without lea
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No. 1 comic software worldwide New--easily create multi-page story files and projects New--backwards file compatibility to save time New--adjust text spacing with advanced text settings;new! support for 3d objects;start quickly with y
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A complete professional graphic design suiteget up and running easilywork faster and more efficientlydesign with creativity and confidenceshare and expand your experience.
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Key Features: - Sophisticated vector drawing tools - Create distinctive designs with precise shape-building tools, fluid and painterly brushes, and advanced path controls. - Integration with other Adobe solutions - Move projects smoothly from design to pr
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Enthlt 3D Druck-Werkzeuge zur optimalen Vorbereitung und Validierung ihrer Designs, um diese 3D-druckfertig zu machen - Einfach, verstndlich und intuitiv zu bedienen: Przises 3D Design fr optimale Ergebnisse - Perfekter Einstieg mit einem deutschen Handbu
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Adobe (5051254642794 / 65281996) - Language version: EN - Minimum hard disk space: 7 GB - Minimum ram: 4 GB - Minimum processor speed: 1.6 GHz - Beeldbewerking | Photoshop Elements
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Adobe (5051254621324 / 65237576) - Language version: ENG - Win/Mac - Box | Photoshop Lightroom
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The Fast, Easy and Fun Way to Create Spectacular Print Projects!Create cards, scrapbooks, labels, stationary, business cards, crafts and more in 3 easy steps Includes 27,000+ Customisable Professionally-Designed Templates for all occasions
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X-Rite (0764011192511 / EODIS3MSCCPPVC) - Colour: Zwart, Multi kleuren - Number of colours: 24 kleuren - Quantity per pack: 1 stuk(s)
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Adobe Premiere Elements 15 Standard lets you edit your photos and process your images.Your product will be delivered by post in a disc format. Instructions for installation will be provided with the product.System Requirement Note: Only c
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Affordable all-in-one graphic design suite Easy to start and learn Versatile design features Powerful photo-editing capabilities Market leading file compatibility and support
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The affordable graphic design that is fun for creative design projects in the hobby and private environment. - Create invitations, posters, greeting cards, social media images and other DIY projects to share with friends and family. - Affordable design an
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Microsoft. Give feedback with improved commenting - Link diagram shapes to data with a simple wizard - Share diagrams through a browser on almost any device - Work together on a single diagram at the same time - Perform common tasks more easily
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Live Sketch tool Enhanced vector previews, nodes, and handles Prominent interactive sliders Custom node shapes Touch-friendly user interface Powerful stylus enhancements Import legacy workspaces Microsoft Surfac