Real - The Movie [2006] [DVD]

(5051083007993 / 5051083007993) - (Ex) - Colour - DVD - Sports - Bluebell Films - Region: 2 - Release date: 24/12/2007

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  Real - The Movie [2006] [DVD][Region 2]

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  Real - The Movie (DVD)

Part documentary, part fictional feature, this film explores the highs and lows of football fanaticism, and how it affects the lives of five fans from different parts of the world, all united by a common obsession.

The film incorporates actual footage of world-class players like David Beckham, Michael Owen, and Cristiano Ronaldo, in action on the pitch, and culminates with Real Madrid going head-to-head with their biggest rivals, Barcelona.

30-11-2022 09:55

Real Madrid fans will find this content essential as it offers a unique perspective on the club's inner workings, preparation, and more. The well-presented stories provide an overview of the club's immense size and global impact in today's world.

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