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Red Notice: How I Became Putin's No. 1 Enemy

Corgi Books (9780552170321 / 23049982) - Country of publication: UNITED KINGDOM - Dimensions: 198 x 127 x 30 mm - Format: Paperback | 480 pages - Publication date: 11 Feb - Height: 129 mm - Spine width: 33 mm | York Times

I have to assume that there is a very real chance that Putin or members of his regime will have me killed some day. If I'm killed, you will know who did it. When my enemies read this book, they will know that you know. Reads like a classic thriller, with an everyman hero alone and in danger in a hostile foreign city ... but it's all true, and it's a story that needs to be told. LEE CHILD An unburdening, a witness statement and a thriller all at the same time ... electrifying. THE TIMES A shocking true-life thriller. TOM STOPPARD --- In November 2009, the young lawyer Sergei Magnitsky was beaten to death by eight police officers in a freezing cell in a Moscow prison. His crime? Testifying against Russian officials who were involved in a conspiracy to steal $230 million of taxes. Red Notice is a searing expose of the whitewash of this imprisonment and murder. The killing hasn't been investigated. It hasn't been punished. Bill Browder is still campaigning for justice for his late lawyer and friend. This is his explosive journey from the heady world of finance in New York and London in the 1990s, through battles with ruthless oligarchs in turbulent post-Soviet Union Moscow, to the shadowy heart of the Kremlin. With fraud, bribery, corruption and torture exposed at every turn, Red Notice is a shocking political roller-coaster. show more

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Tags York Times Red Notice Shocking true-life thriller
Brand Corgi Books
ISBN Corgi Books 0552170321
MPN Corgi Books 23049982
EAN 9780552170321
ID 1833696
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.72 kg
Dimensions 1x8x5 mm
Key Features
Country of publication UNITED KINGDOM
Dimensions 198 x 127 x 30 mm
Format Paperback | 480 pages
Height 129 mm
Imprint Corgi Books
ISBN 9780552170321
Languages English
Number of pages 478
Page count 480
Publication date 11 Feb
Publication place London, United Kingdom
Publisher Transworld
Spine width 33 mm
Status In Print
Weight 340 g
Width 198 mm
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(9780593072950) | Red Notice
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