Rice, Grains and Dried Pulses

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Suggestions for Rice, Grains and Dried Pulses

Convenient - cooks in just 10 minutes - Ideal for caterers or for stocking up at home - perfect rice every time - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and a gluten free diet - Uncle Ben's Long Grain rice is sustainably sourced - Nutritious – no artifici
Yutaka (5014276000607 / YTK620)
Rice A Roni (0015300430235 / VAIO PCG-8H1R)
Sun Vally Rice (5060096530268)
From the paddy fields of Thailand - Subtle aroma - Delicious, slightly sticky texture - Perfect accompaniment to oriental dishes - Naturally fragrant rice
Pre-steamed ensuring the grains never stick - Extra easy to cook - Sun-kissed legendary rice - Purity and quality guaranteed - Free from gluten and lactose
Tantalising flavour basmati rice - With a magical aroma and delicate fluffy texture - Purity and quality guaranteed - Free from added colours, preservatives and flavours - Our grains are purity tested, as we believe only Pure Basmati has the unique charac
Eat Water (0709112457237 / 07091124572378)
A delicately flavoured Couscous with exotic North African Spices, Chilli and Coriander - Quick and easy to prepare, it can be enjoyed in many ways - Couscous can be added to salads and served as a side and makes a delicious alternative to rice, pasta or p
Laila (5020580400156 / 104289769)
Large Organic Cous Cous. - Italian-produced giant cous cous. - Perfect for salads and serving with a tagine. - Larger pieces collect sauce nicely. - Easier to eat than conventional sized cous cous.
Tilda (5011157030500 / B10)
Stands high in terms of unmatched quality, rich aroma, strong flavour and standard grain size. - A dish can look appealing if Golden Sella rice is used - Golden Sella Rice has a strong ability to absorb the flavours of herbs, spices and much more - Suitab
Badshah (5016805000720)
Natco (5013531760386 / natcobasmatiricebrown1kg)
Premier Foods (5000175412665 / 100397148)
Slim Rice (0609728699611 / 79234)
Tree of Life (5033729102750 / 84089)
TRS (5017689797348)
Pure & natural Store in a cool dry place Do not eat raw
BIA (8011033011200 / 21102)
Tree of Life (5033729827400 / 82740)
The farm Principality of Lucedio has a long history of almost nine centuries and covers an area of five hectares in a regional park. The entire production process is environmentally friendly: the packaging of products in protective atmosphere guarantees f
Good for weight loss diets - Vegetarian & Vegan - Rich in Carbohydrates
Ready to eat hot or cold and perfectly cooked every time. - Extremely versatile: complete meal or side dish - Fairtrade, Organic, Gluten Free and Vegan - Packed with fibre and slow release carbs to keep you feeling fuller for longer - Source of iron, lith
The organic long-grain brown rice adds bulk - Made in a factory also handling gluten - Ideal for salads and recipes where a distinct grain is required - High in magnesium and fibre - Low in saturated fat and sugar
Mr Organic (5060178070255 / B004JBNS28) | Standard UK delivery, Standard UK, Items or items, Manufacturer’s warranties, Refund of the price, Manufacturer’s warranty period, Goods are ready, Mr Organic Chick Peas
Tree of Life (0721866872357)
Chinese Style Rice Vermicelli From the brand WAI WAI THAILAND - Volume: 1 x 500 gram - Country of origin: Thailand - From the brand WAI WAI THAILAND - Premium Quality
Rice quinoa fusilli is a naturally gluten free pasta - Contain certified organic ingredients - Easy to cook and holds in shape well
Good for weight loss diets - Rich in Carbohydrates - Vegetarian & Vegan - All natural, no preservatives or chemicals - Pearl Couscous
Produce of Several Countries - Healthy Alternative - Cleaned and packed in the U.K. - Great source of fibre, but also vitamins
A mix of gluten free grains - Contains 24.7% Fruit - Contains 8.8% Nuts & Seeds - No Added Sugar - A good source of fibre

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