Rocol 53041 300ml RTD Foamcut Spray (Image 1)
Rocol 53041 300ml RTD Foamcut Spray (Main image)

Rocol 53041 300ml RTD Foamcut Spray

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Tags Foamcut Spray 300ml RTD Foamcut Spray Rocol 53041 Rocol RTD Foamcut
Brand Rocol
Rocol is a brand of industrial lubricants and greases. It is a subsidiary of the multinational company BP.
EAN 5024747530410
Model Rocol 53041
MPN Rocol 53041
ID 11085033
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 0.95 kg
Dimensions 3x8x3 mm
Key Features
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-34 % today only
Rocol 72021 400ml Mould Release Spray
41.13 GBP
26.99 GBP
Ultra thin non-silicone dry film PTFE release agent Suitable up to 270 degree CCan be over-painted or printed Silicone free Will not affect subsequent finishing operations
-33 % today only
Rocol 52041 400ml Ultraglide Spray
46.10 GBP
30.85 GBP
Ideal for machine tools without automatic lubrication systems Highly tenacious film Resistant to water wash off Protects slides from corrosion Good lubrication and load carrying properties
-30 % today only
Rocol 18105 400ml Tufgear Spray
42.56 GBP
29.99 GBP
Excellent corrosion resistance to protect in humid, damp and even wet conditions Outstanding EP performance Thin film minimizes attraction of dust and dirt Excellent load carrying capacity Resistant to water
-45 % today only
Rocol 34131 300ml Industrial Cleaner Rapid Dry Spray
28.86 GBP
15.99 GBP
A specially formulated blend of degreasing solvents Designed to remove grease, oil and workshop grime from all surfaces Safe on metal, most plastics and paints Fast drying industrial cleaner NSF K1 registered
-53 % today only
Rocol 57025 400ml Layout Ink Spray
46.95 GBP
22.00 GBP
Scribes without flaking or chipping Excellent contrast and definition Fast drying Easily removable Forms an even thin film
-33 % today only
Rocol 20015 400ml Wire Rope Spray
44.81 GBP
30.10 GBP
Excellent de-watering properties Resistant to sea water Rapidly penetrates to the rope core Complete internal and external corrosion protection Suitable for all non-friction drive wire ropes, including ropes in storage
-28 % today only
Rocol 69045 400ml Moisture Guard Spray
45.71 GBP
32.94 GBP
Protects against condensation attack Does not attract dirt or dust Silicone free Flexible film - does not chip or crack Available in green formulations
-10 % today only
Rocol 63151 300ml Flawfinder Dye Penetrant Spray
42.98 GBP
38.55 GBP
Bright red even film Highly sensitive dye Water washable Precision crack detection penetrant Do not discharge into drains or rivers
-56 % today only
Rocol 15720 300ml Foodlube Dismantling Spray
64.79 GBP
28.37 GBP
Highly efficient penetration Short term corrosion protection for released parts NSF H1 registered and ISO 21469 certified Excellent penetration of rust, scale, grease and general dirt and grime Temperature range -20 to +110 degr
-80 % today only
Rocol 14015 400ml Anti-Seize Spray
101.95 GBP
19.99 GBP
Lead free formulation Excellent water resistance Non soap thickener producing non-melting anti-seize compound Spray prevents pick-up and seizure of static threaded fasteners Temperature range -10 to +1100 degree C
-89 % today only
Rocol 34141 400ml Foam Cleaner Spray
119.98 GBP
13.22 GBP
Ideal for non-porous surfaces Safe for use on most plastics rubbers and painted surfaces Free from solvents Food grade foam cleaner NSF A1 registered FDA Group 21 CFR 178-3570NSF A1 Registered - 123858Meets t
30.47 GBP
Highly absorbent white film for rapid results - Highlights very fine cracks - Sharp indication and geometry of defect to the naked eye - Suitable for pressure testing and leak detection - Precision crack detection developer