Rocol TUFLUBE Allweather Open Gear Lubricant 400g (Image 1)
Rocol TUFLUBE Allweather Open Gear Lubricant 400g (Main image)

Rocol TUFLUBE Allweather Open Gear Lubricant 400g

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03-06-2022 07:39

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Tags Gear Lubricant 400g ROCOL TUFLUBE Allweather Rocol ROC18271 Tuflube
Brand Rocol
Rocol is a brand of industrial lubricants and greases. It is a subsidiary of the multinational company BP.
MPN Rocol 18271
EAN 5024747182718
ID 11085042
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions 2x9x2 mm
Key Features
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-46 % today only
Rocol FOODLUBE Multi-Paste 500g
62.99 GBP
34.30 GBP
Proven reliable Rocol technology Lightweight construction at just 0.6 Kgs High performace for the home or tradesman
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Significantly extends bearing life Superior load and wear properties Highly resistant to water washout Excellent corrosion protection Food grade bearing grease
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Copper based anti-seize compound with lead free formulation Excellent resistance to water Highly resistant to salt water environments Prevents seizure, galling and corrosion Approved to RAF, Royal Navy and NATO standards
2,112.00 GBP
Extreme high and low temperature capability Temperature range of -50°C to +200°CExcellent low temperature performance ensures components are protected even on equipment working constantly in extreme sub-zero conditions Excellent hi
-19 % today only
Rocol 12171 400g Sapphire Grease
13.99 GBP
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Triple life bearing grease Extreme load and wear performance Extended lubrication intervals Revolutionary multi complex grease Good corrosion resistance
-21 % today only
ROCOL ROC28032 Oilseal with Brush, 300 g
22.72 GBP
18.04 GBP
Rocol (5024747280322 / ROC28032) - Weight: 0.350000
-8 % today only
27.99 GBP
25.83 GBP
Rocol (0616268064939) | Bearing grease, Sapphire Hi-Load Bearing Grease, Sapphire Bearing, Sapphire Hi-Load
24.66 GBP
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