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Lip balm | Beauty

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Lip care: renew your lips with Burt's Bees Moisturizing lip balm in four naturally nourishing flavors: beeswax, cucumber Mint, Watermelon, and sweet Mandarin - Moisturizer: nourish and hydrate dry lips with beeswax and powerful fruit extracts packed into
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O'Keeffe's lip repair- now with SPF15 sun protection - Guaranteed relief for dry, cracked lips - Hardworking Skincare without scent
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Lip care: two 4.25g tubes of Burt's Bees moisturisng lip Balm that is bursting with sweet and silky flavour so that you can refresh and renew your lips - Moisturiser: hydrate and nourish dry lips with beeswax and powerful fruit extracts packed into every
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Lip care: Bursting with minty freshness, refresh and care for your lips with Burt's Bees beeswax moisturising lip balm - Moisturiser: Made with beeswax, vitamin E and a hint of peppermint oil, as well as coconut oil, to hydrate and nourish dry lips with t
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Cool lips on contact - Provide instant relief and all-day moisture in 1 use - Create a protective flexible barrier and help repair dry, cracked lips - Protect against dryness all day, even while you eat and drink - Absorb quickly to provide soft, smooth l
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Intensive nourishment and protection for very dry, chapped and cracked lips, leaves them feeling soft and supple - Made with natural oils and plant extracts - Protects the lips from drying out
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DREAMWORKS (5015341094699) - Pack size: 1 - Size: 25Kg | Driwall Adhesive
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Brand: Clinique - Easier application and less waste - Portable and multifunctional
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Find the biggest brands of dietary supplements and dermo-cosmetics on Paraform! - Free delivery with So Colissimo or 2 days with Chronopost in Metropolitan France - 3 products of the same reference purchased = 10% free - Collect points on your purchases a
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Hydra essentiel baume lèvres réparateur 15 ml - The best hygiene products for your daily life. - Taking care and feeling good has never been easier.
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Introducing infallible sexy balm: our first no compromise life-proof balm, with up to 12 hours of irresistible moisture. - Enriched with moisturising gel balm with a weightless velvet texture and vibrant pigments for a true kick of colour. - Choose betwee
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Dior (3348901334952 / 3348901334952) | Lip Scrub, Lip SUGAR, Sweet exfoliating lip balm
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Shea Butter – Shea Butter infused NIVEA lip balm provides long-lasting 24-hour intensive moisture without leaving behind a greasy layer of residue. - Quality Ingredients – Our formula, enriched natural oils, will protect your lips from drying out. Gir
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Lip care range with organic and fairtrade ingredients. - Certified Natural, Organic and Fairtrade products. - Certified Vegan and Peta Cruelty Free. - For all skin types - 12 g tin
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Chic, flower girls lip compact with a mirror inside and filled with three Tinted Pomegranate lip Balms to add shine to lips - One Pink, one nude and one Clear Balm making 'mix and match' Fun for lips on the go - Stylish compact makes this a perfect gift a
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An enchanting beauty gift for all ages of 50ml Red Berry & Cedar scented hand cream and 10ml vanilla eggnog flavour lip balm with shea butter and vitamin E in a jolly keepsake tin. - The Pocket hand cream is skin-lovingly blended with shea butter, vitamin
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Lip stick 4.9 g - Original product from France - Ingredients: Hydrogenated polyisobuten, hydrogenated microcrystalline wax, polyisobuten, synthetic wax, polyglyceryl 3-diisostearate, carpicic / carpic triglyceride capemicia cerifa cera, disteardimonium he
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Lips are nourished and protected from harsh weather conditions and dehydration - Dry, chapped lips can become smooth - Plump with the high nutrition and protection lip balm - Delicious melting balm comforts and repairs the lips - 5 Naturally derived oils
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Natural oils: the pampering lip care formula forms an effective and intensive protection against dry lips with natural oils and vitamin E - Easy to use - The nourishing Labello pen can be used several times a day as needed. Skin compatibility is dermatolo
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Refreshing care - The refreshing Labello Hydro Care with SPF 15 has been specially developed for dry, cracked and sensitive lips and nourishes for a long time - With UV protection - The care pen offers effective protection from the sun rays thanks to SPF
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A galactic new lip balm collection inspired by the zodiac and constellations - Sweet Vanilla, Fragrant Rose & Plum Blend – special blends to suit your traits - Taurus Characteristics- Productive, dependable & artistic - 100% natural and vegan lip balm -
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Skincare-beauty: Duo lip Balm - Content: 15 milliliters - Duo lip Balm woman 15 milliliters
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Acqua di Parma (8028713573279 / 8028713573279) | Lip glosses, Lip Balm, BLU MEDITERRANEO, Di AMALFI Lip balm, Di AMALFI Lip
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SPF provides the lips with extra protection - The lips lose less moisture - Contains micro-fine pigments - Perfect care and protection - Contains vitamin A and corn extract