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Namco Bandai (3391891968164 / PS3-NINK) | Sony PlayStation, Game Complete, PS3 Game, Sony PS3, PlayStation PS3, Ni no Kuni, Free UK, PS3 Complete
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With a list of over 25 master tracks by influential artists such as Coldplay, Fall Out Boy and Weezer, Guitar Hero Modern Hits expands on the groundbreaking Guitar Hero game on the Nintendo DS by introducing a new fan request system that
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Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock strap on thine axe and start shredding. There are also featured original songs from in-game end of level bosses Slash and Tom Morello. Tracks to shred along to in GH3 include tunes from and made famous by the
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The winning triumvirate of inspired music game designers at Harmonix, the showbiz industry moguls at MTV, and the gaming industry behemoth that is Electronic Arts bring us the ultimate music creation/rock god-aping title: the simply and i
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Quest for Glory:Journey through the all-new Quest mode, with Guitar Hero's first story-led gameplay narrated by KISS's Gene Simmons. Rock Legend:Transform your guitar heroes into true musical warriors as you take on the forc
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Guitar Hero 5. Our products may not include additional material like Digital Copies, Online Passes or promotional downloadable content. Notes About Additional Content.
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With Michael Jackson The Experience, dance to a wide variety of songs from Michael Jackson’s extensive catalogue including some of his greatest hits like Beat It and Billie Jean, while having a blast singing and mastering his inc
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After the success of the original Nintendo DS, Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades looks to add some more rock tracks to your handheld so you can continue to rip that touch screen like a crazy man. Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades is a
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Zhu Zhu Puppies allows players to adopt and care for a playful and energetic puppy. If players do a good job of caring for their puppy before their mom or dad gets home, they will be rewarded with an allowance. The game mixes classic
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LEGO Rock Band merges two of the most popular video game franchises to deliver a unique family-friendly experience that will bring pre-teenagers, teens, families and players of all ages on a wild ride to rock stardom to "Build a
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The Silent Hill HD Collection for Play Station®3 brings the acclaimed Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 bang up to date, with all new enhancements and high-definition graphics. As a teenage girl named Heather, players must explore a
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Step Up to the Challenge - A little competition never hurt anyone! Band Hero's Rock Fest mode is a collection of challenges at varying difficulties designed for up to four players locally and up to eight players online. Up to 50 songs can be uplo