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In Adventure Tour story mode, you can play as Mario or Sonic in a mission-based adventure to save the Snow Spirits and the Games themselves. In Adventure Tour, for the first time in history, our famous rivals become allies to work
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Puzzler returns to the Nintendo DS with a new edition for 2011 ???? with over 1200 new puzzles and amazing bonus games that the whole family can enjoy. Our products can not include additional material such as digital copies, online passes
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The Legend of Spyro - A new beginning, it becomes a living and breathable weapon of explosive destruction! Experience the true power of the purple dragon as you unleash devastating rages of fury, upgradeable breaths, and melee combat comb
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Last year's game led the league and now the new FIFA 10 seeks to defend its title as the number one soccer action game. Manager mode has also seen a massive update to make it as deep and complex as the main game. There are also changes in the wa
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9 different Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhu toys including Hamsterball, Car and Skateboard! 30 levels filled with secret passages, food, upgrades and babies! Take care of each of your Zhu Zhu pets to keep them happy! Explore the slide park, skating park,
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In the Smurfs, you can play a series of fun mini-games and reading stories about the Smurfs as they prepare for the Blue Moon festival in their village and are interrupted by Gargamel. Our products can not include additional material such
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Barbie Groom & Glam Pups is a totally new, fun and attractive game that allows players to choose a puppy from one of the six adorable breeds, then prepare it, train it and dress it up. Finally, players show their puppy glam in a fa
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Make sure the Strangetown Sims are happy and you can discover their hidden secrets. Explore the open world of The Sims 2 as you guide your personalized Sims in their quest to become a rich and powerful tycoon. Build and run your ow
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A special item of the toy box is magic goo that can resize any of the characters, which along with all other collectibles allows you to completely customize the city, and the world of Toy Story, however you want. This mode uses all the same char
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Find strange enemies while traveling through the Evil Empire, Lovely Land and Pirate Island, all based on the Horrid Henry brand. Catch enemies in bubbles and upload them through the microphone to expel them from the screen. Run, swim, climb, ju
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Avanquest Software. Over 15 million Jewel Quest PC players worldwide - Hours of jewel matching stylus fun guaranteed! - Play Jewel Quest Expeditions in a unique story mode - Compete in 8-player wireless competition mode - 180 unique jewel boards to solve
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The individual board games featured in the Hasbro Compilation are: Monopoly, Boggle, Yahtzee and Battleship. Players compete to acquire wealth through economic activity involving the buying, rental, and trading of real estate using play money, a
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In Zoo Tycoon 2 DS, players will create the zoo of their dreams while collecting and caring for their favorite animals from all continents. Zoo Tycoon 2 DS also introduces new animals and environments, as well as the full use of the touch
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In The Simpsons Game, Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa use exciting new powers to save the world from growing chaos. To help the Simpsons, home gamers must travel through Springfield, defeat an incredible array of villains, and fight their way
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Island by island, Crash and Aku-Aku push the lackeys of Cortex and release the captured masks of Tiki. But who is the real troublemaker? Who represents more of a threat to Crash: Neo Cortex or his niece, Nina. It depends on Crash p
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Our products may not include additional material such as digital copies, online passes or downloadable promotional content. Become a contestant in this popular television show and face an opponent or face a friend in a battle of wit, competing against
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Carnival Games for DS brings the fun of the original to the world's best-selling hand system this summer. A frenetic combination of tapping, blowing, talking and maneuvering with a needle brings to life the famous Carnival contest. Our pr
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Unlock images and movie clips from the movie Bratz. The Bratz are in the first year of high school and will be the most fabulous friends at Grace Carry Nation High School! But the president of the school class has different plans and sepa
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We're talking about Hannah Montana. This is your chance to achieve fame! Or at least keep the fame a secret. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lead an incredible double life, with your secret identity known only to your closest lov
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Peppa Pig: The Game allows young people to join Peppa and George's favorite games and activities. The game is designed to encourage the development of children's concentration powers, their creative abilities and - through t
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The fastest growing online children's game features Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo on Nintendo DS. Play Moshi's exclusive mini-games to help improve your Moshling's level, mood, health and happiness. Explore the Wooly Wilderne
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Join your favorite Moshi Monsters characters as they embark on their latest adventure to explore and rebuild the legendary Moshlings: Theme Park. Do you have what it takes to restore the theme park to its former glory by col
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Miley Stewart, 14, has a secret identity, but she's not a superhero ... it's the famous pop teen sensation, Hannah Montana. To keep her family life and normal friendships, Miley is struggling to make sure no one finds out that underneath her hai
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But keep one thing in mind: Sims pets have their own minds, so be sure to expect the unexpected. At Nintendo DS as the Whiskerton City vet located in the Paw Valley Hills, you will have the opportunity to heal, train and care for a wide variety
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Experience the most authentic gaming experience in the Harry Potter video game history: the castle is built from the same planes used to build the movie sets. Go face-to-face with a friend in multiplayer to play in Hogwarts classes and club game
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Scooby can donate Kung Fu, bat costumes and archer so you can practice karate, plan and target the monsters. In this adventure platform action game, players will take on the role of Scooby-Doo as he and the teenage detectives of Mystery Inc. The game c
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Our products can not include additional material such as digital copies, online passes or downloadable promotional content. You can combine several adjectives to produce incredibly creative objects, allowing the imagination of the player to run in a re
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Worms: Open Warfare 2 is based on last year's Worms: Open Warfare hit. Players who take the battle online will be able to demonstrate their Worms combat skills with updated daily statistics and leader boards on the official Worms website.
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Our products can not include additional material such as digital copies, online passes or downloadable promotional content. Play as Lindsay, Clair and Cindy in this exciting adventure to solve the mystery and stop the killer. A series of seemingly unre
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Kung Fu! A panda! Sounds like a winning formula, right? Especially with the recent discontent of 2008 with Chinese police, weapons, live rounds and protests of Tibetan monks. Kung Fu Panda, if you have not seen it before, is the st
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Deal or no Deal is the official Nintendo DS game of the TV show that puts you, the player, in the hottest place while you try to win a virtual money package. Deal or No Deal on the DS is ideal for those who can not get enough of the beard
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In Scooby-Doo! Scooby Doo: The Mystery Begins, Warner Bros. fans will be able to explore spooky environments like Scooby, Shaggy or any of the super-cool Teen Mystery, take on the role of the young Scooby-Doo and youthful versions of the newly formed M