Sealey YK759F Floor Type Hydraulic Press, 75Tonne (Image 1)
Sealey YK759F Floor Type Hydraulic Press, 75Tonne (Main image)

Sealey YK759F Floor Type Hydraulic Press, 75Tonne

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03-06-2022 08:47

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Brand Sealey

The Sealey brand is a British manufacturer of tools, garage equipment and automotive accessories. The company was founded in 1919 and has been producing high-quality tools and equipment for over 90 years. Sealey products are sold in over 100 countries and the company has a reputation for producing reliable, durable equipment.
EAN 5051747381193
Model Sealey YK759F
MPN Sealey YK759F
ID 14933261
Dimensions / Weight
Weight 961.22 kg
Key Features
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Sealey SS2 Garden Pressure Sprayer
36.34 GBP
17.99 GBP
Ideal for spraying a wide variety of fluids including water, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and solvent-free preservative treatments. - Metal lance with adjustable nozzle which can be switched between mist and jet settings. - Capacity: 5
-44 % today only
Sealey GA50 Laser Wheel Alignment Gauge
989.14 GBP
554.95 GBP
Updated version of optical system uses low radiation laser beam to indicate toe-in or toe-out^Single leg configuration and reversible contact probes allow on-ramp use.^Works on practically all cars and light commercials with rim diameters from 200 to 600m
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Sealey TP112 Mobile Drum Stillage, 205L
315.96 GBP
229.99 GBP
Sealey (5024209813396 / TP112) | Sealey TP112
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Sealey SA106R Air Regulator, Max Airflow 88CFM
45.78 GBP
25.20 GBP
Sealey (5024209848534 / SA106R) | Sealey SA106R
-31 % today only
Sealey SAC42755BLN 2-Stage Low Noise Belt Drive Compressor 5.5HP/3PH, 270L, Red
4,407.94 GBP
3,021.82 GBP
-16 % today only
Sealey TARP1824G Tarpaulin, 5.49m x 7.32m, Green
49.79 GBP
41.75 GBP
Manufactured from 130g/m² polyethylene with heavy, 30micron laminate.Tear-proof, water-proof and treated with a UV filter to prolong life and durability.Mould and mildew proofed.Constructed with rope edges and metal grommets in al
-36 % today only
Sealey CP1200BP 12V 1.5Ah SV12 Series Lithium-ion Power Tool Battery
31.37 GBP
19.99 GBP
Sealey (5054511124958 / CP1200BP) | 12v battery, Li-Ion batteries, 5Ah Li-Ion, CP1200 Series, Sealey CP1200BP 12V
-27 % today only
Sealey 342/716PF Nylon Hammer Face, Medium/Red for DBHN275, Silver
9.54 GBP
6.95 GBP
Medium head for Model No-DBHN275Model No-342/716PFLifetime guarantee on hand tools Lifetime repalcement warranty on all premier and seigen hand tools No Quibble Guarqantee also covers individual items within sets, excludes TRX
-1 % today only
Sealey VS0462R Thread Inserts for VS0462, M9 x 1.25mm, Pack of 10
26.50 GBP
26.22 GBP
Sealey (5051747570658 / VS0462R) | Sealey VS0462R
-7 % today only
Sealey SA40 Pistol Type Air Operated Grease Gun, 173mm x 410mm x 66mm
43.20 GBP
40.25 GBP
Portable pressure greasing with the convenience of air power Includes rigid delivery tube and 4-jaw coupler Max grease pressure 1200psi at 30psi air pressure and 6000psi at 150psi pressure
-9 % today only
Sealey SA928 Water Dispensing Gun Low Pressure
41.44 GBP
37.75 GBP
Connects to water hose for dispensing mains pressure water.Connects to water hose for dispensing mains pressure water
-14 % today only
Sealey SFB100 Flat Wire Brush, 100mm Ø
4.95 GBP
4.25 GBP
Suitable for use with power drills. Ø6mm Shaft.Crimped brassed steel filaments add extra rigidity and cleaning power.