Smooth Roast Coffee Satchets 200g Pack of 200 (Image 1)
Smooth Roast Coffee Satchets 200g Pack of 200 (Main image)

Smooth Roast Coffee Satchets 200g Pack of 200

This medium roast classic blend of 100% Arabica beans is carefully roasted to deliver a smooth and well rounded flavour. It is the perfect blend for black or white coffee in a sachet to keep you going through your working day - * Coffee sticks; for one cu
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Tags Smooth Roast Coffee Kenco Really Smooth Kenco Smooth Instant Kenco Smooth Roast
Brand Kenco
EAN 7622400656859
ID 22052387
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Weight 0.44 kg
Key Features
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Wholebean instant coffee - Finely milled Arabica coffee beans - Full bodied taste and rich aroma - Sourced entirely from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms - Approximately 278 servings
Kenco (5000136162301 / 61677) - Non Decaffeinated - Ground - Rainforest Alliance Certified - Smooth - Coffee - Kenco - Tin - Contents: 750 g - Green product - OEM code: 4032075 - Pack size: 1 - Type: Hot Drinks | Product Type
Deliciously rich coffee - Each sachet creates 3 pints - Complex and subtle blend - No need to roast or grind - Perfect for the office or the home
Looking for a delicious decaff? - Our Decaff coffee is made with a superior blend of the finest quality beans, expertly roasted to capture the unique smooth Kenco coffee taste - Explore the rest of the Kenco Range from Barista Style Millicano Americano t
Full bodied and rounded taste - Rappor is a medium roasted coffee with a full fresh taste - Ideal for drinking every day
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