0.01 GBP
Hundreds of exclusive high-quality Toy Story 2 images inspired by the film - Hundreds of ready-made projects to spark your imagination - Personalize Toy Story 2 projects with your favorite photos - A multitude of design possibilities using s
0.50 GBP
Interactive demonstration and video clips Easy to work through chapters The basics through to advanced features Comprehensive training lets you learn at your own pace
0.70 GBP
Seven Engaging Activities - Rich 3-D Graphics And Animations - Favourite Characters And Locations - Certificates Of Completion For Each Activity - Join Thomas On His Journey Around The Island Or Choose One Of The Delightful Locations - Specially Created V
0.75 GBP
Play 15 rock tracks in the style of some of the world's greatest rock artists Real audio accompaniments and full band backing tracks to help you experience what it's like to play with other musicians and to help build performance skills Re
0.99 GBP
Games and activities are themed around favourite fairy tales - 3 Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Elves and the Shoemaker - Educational activities help develop key skills - Tome, Colours, Weighing and Money - 4 fun arcade s
0.99 EUR
Toy Shelf Showdown : Are you strong enough to defeat Emporer Zurg and his troops? Help Buzz assemble a rocket ship while avoiding hostile robots and bouncing balls. Join the action as Buzz Lightyear and the toys go to his rescue and cross a busy
0.99 GBP
Everything you need to know about PowerPoint presentations - Interactive demonstrations & video clips - Easy-to-work-through chapters - Covers the basics through to advanced features - Comprehensive training lets you learn at your own pace - Includes a FR
1.00 EUR
Return to the surprising fun of Mysteryville in this sequel to one of the most popular online games. With fantastic full-screen graphics, an intriguing plot and hours of fun to search and find, Mysteryville 2 is an original adventure for
1.00 GBP
Fish Tennis - Building blocks - "fit-the-blocks-together" game - Music Time - play along and record your own compositions - Ice Flow - Snow Maze - Puzzles
1.00 GBP
Max Payne is a relentless game based on stories about a man on the edge, fighting for his justice while revealing plot twists and twisted thugs in the sandstone bowels of New York during the worst snowstorm of the century. Prepare for a new game
1.00 GBP
28 video sequences - 60 colour animations - 2 hours of audio - 400 colour photos and illustrations - 200 key articles
1.00 GBP
5 wacky wards - 25 weird and wacky characters - Playable by up to 4 players - Print function allows you to print out patients charts - Classic and never-before-seen gameplay variations
1.00 GBP
Educational specialists have adapted difficulty levels and gameplay - Play on your own or against an opponent - Includes multiple levels - Features lots of different obstacles: rocks, holes, cacti, and many more - For ages 6 - 10
1.00 GBP
A mysterious Glowing Bug Man has been spotted at the Natural History Museum. Our products may not include additional material such as digital copies, online passes or downloadable promotional content. Collect enough clues and use the museum staf
1.06 GBP
Once again, it's time for Krusty Krab to name his Employee of the Month. And this month's winner is & Sponge Bob Square Pants for 27 consecutive months! In honor of this momentous occasion, Mr. Krab has generously delivered tickets to the Spong
1.28 GBP
130 high quality video clips providing an insider's view of everything you need to know Gain helpful advice on the equipment you'll need to play the game effectively Discover the correct grip, posture, setup, alignment and swing in the Coac
1.30 GBP
6 Interactive Activities - Discover and learn while having fun - Fun Jay Jay songs to sing along to - Learn interesting facts with Brenda Blue - Printable activities to complete away from the computer
1.46 GBP
Six highly addictive, vastly different and challenging game modes: Snazzy Swap, Clearing Clusters, Falling Star, Moving 4-Ward, Pathfinder and Gravity Switch - Baby easy gameplay with a high replay value - Choose between two music scores and two charming
1.47 GBP
Updated to encompass the latest geographic and political changes - Colorful atlas of the world - More than 60 full-color cartographic maps - Nearly 1,000 charts and diagrams - Descriptions of the people, products, flora, and fauna of the world
1.49 GBP
Supports Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum Stimulating activities A huge variety of fun exercises Monitor progress Essential literacy and numeracy skills Supports the scholl curriculum Ages 5-7
1.53 GBP
Defeat Nasira, the evil sorceress - 9 3-D worlds, plus other new mysterious locations - Play as your favorite character, including Aladin, Abu, and Jasmine - Features original character voices from the TV series - Challenging adventure story for new and s
1.98 GBP
Journey to exotic location with Barbie to find and save ancient treasures - Run, jump, swing and climb as you overcome obstacles and try to save the treasures! - Control Barbie by running, jumping, diving, climbing and more to get through the obstacle cou
1.99 GBP
Letter recognition - Counting and numbers - Matching and sorting - Sequencing numbers and letters - Shape and colour recognition - Colour mixing - Music appreciation - Visual discrimination - Sound and rhythm matching - Problem-solving - Reasoning
1.99 EUR
Equivalent to a two year course. An 'edutainment' method that helps you progress rapidly. Unique technology - this software uses a unique Music Teaching System, which puts the students in charge of their own evolution. Tunes, riffs and pr
2.00 GBP
Includes over 600 hazard perception test simulation video clips.3 interactive tutorials and 30 videos to cover the test, hazard perception and defensive driving.14 tutorials and video clips for each of the common hazard types.42 hi
2.02 GBP
Supports Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum - Fun Learning products faithful to the TV show - 40 places to visit (approximately 120 screens) - 24 workshops - 10 original adventures, 10 inside games - 20 minutes of full screen videos - Ages 3 to 6
2.11 EUR
Woody the pencil takes you on an incredible learning adventure involving: Stimulating Activities • A huge variety of fun exercises • Screens that monitor progress. Welcome to step one of Dorling Kindersley's powerful curriculum-based lear
2.16 GBP
Extensive cross-referencing throughout the program - Instant access to information on related subjects - Stunning microphotography - Zoom in closer to amazing colour images of the body - More than 1000 stunning illustrations
2.22 GBP
Includes the 4 most popular versions: - Seven card stud - Five card draw - No limit Texas Hold 'Em - Omaha Hold 'Em
2.22 GBP
Search for pets in the park, garden or playground! - Brush, feed, and pet the rescued animals with Barbie - Give your puppy a bath by using the special on-screen cursor - Watch the pets react with purrs, barks, wags and more - Promotes problem solving wit